Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Rabbi Dayle Friedman

Rabbi Dayle FriedmanI love Israel — for what it is, but even more, for what it can be. Since I first studied in Israel as a high school exchange student, I’ve been smitten with the vision of the founders, for a state “… based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel…” When I first learned about NIF 37 years ago, I felt, “aha!” zo ha-derech — this is the way!

New Israel Fund is working daily to realize this dream through its support and nurturance of grassroots efforts on the ground. I am proud to support the Israeli Jews and Palestinian citizens of Israel who are creatively organizing to bring justice, equity, empowerment and peace. I am heartened by the Fund’s initiatives to strengthen democracy in the wake of chilling threats to civil society. It has been my privilege to be involved with building support for NIF in Philadelphia, and through serving on the International Council.

Since our daughter, Anya, made aliyah five years ago, my passion for NIF has only grown.

I am thrilled to be able to support NIF’s Legacy Society, in order to do my part in ensuring that NIF’s precious work will only grow and deepen beyond my lifetime.

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