Legacy Giving

Meet NIF’s Legacy Society Members:

Roberta Elliott

photo of Roberta ElliottI’ve known about NIF almost from the beginning, when I lived in Israel from 1980-84. NIF is very important because it is working to even out the inequalities across so many lines—between Arabs and Jews, between rich and poor, gay and straight, the rigorously religious and the not-religious-at-all. All of those imbalances have hampered Israel from moving forward. I am very interested in leveling out those disparities and giving un-empowered people more power.

It’s vital for me to ensure that some impact was felt by my being here. I won’t be able to pray with my feet once I’m gone, but I will be able to give NIF the means to continue some of the projects that were started when I was living. I believe that giving a gift in your will is among the highest forms of charity because no one can thank you for it. It’s something that you do when you have trust and faith in an organization.

Disclaimer: New Israel Fund is not engaged in legal or tax advisory services. Please consult with your professional advisor as to which giving vehicle is right for you, and when creating bequests, seek drafting and counsel from an attorney.