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Words With NIF is the New Israel Fund’s brand-new web series that offers an opportunity to take a deep dive with our friends working on the ground for social change in Israel. There is so much to do to ensure democracy and equality in Israel, that sometimes it is hard to stop and focus on the incredible people doing the work. At NIF, we interact with our partners every day – and we want to share these conversations with you from our offices in New York. That’s why we are launching Words With NIF – the portal connecting activists and change-makers in Israel with their friends around the world. Tune in to join the conversation.

Dissident: A Conversation with NIF Board Member Vadim Blumin

June 20, 2019
Vadim Blumin stopped by Libby Lenkinski’s office to talk about the state of Israeli democracy, the experiences of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, LGBTQ rights, and everything in between.

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Havshala & Shcheinut: A Conversation with Dr. Assaf David and Elizabeth Tsurkov of the Forum for Regional Thinking

February 5, 2019
Can there be safety for everyone in the Middle East? Elizabeth Tsurkov and Dr. Assaf David argue that it’s not a zero sum game.

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