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Major General Levin Warns Israeli Government Not to Shoot the Messenger

25 March 2016

Many Israelis are coming together to stand up to the witch hunt underway against Breaking the Silence. In the video below, Major General Amiram Levin refutes the accusations and warns the Israeli government not to shoot the messenger.

In the most recent development in the wave of incitement against Breaking the Silence, last Thursday Channel 2 news released an item, based on materials filmed by the extremist settler organization, Ad Kan, against Breaking the Silence. This is the same organization that planted secret spies in human rights and anti occupation groups and recorded the organizations for years.This time, they have fabricated a story that Breaking the Silence collects intelligence and stores sensitive state secrets. They expanded these absurd accusations and claimed that we send soldiers to specific IDF units to spy on the army and report back to the organization. These are all, of course, reckless lies.In response to these absurd accusations Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ya'alon, and many other high ranking public officials, spoke out against Breaking the Silence, and even went so far as to call for an investigation of the organization.In response to this dangerous slander, Major General (res.) Amiram Levin, former commander of Sayeret Matkal (a special forces unit of the IDF), the IDF Northern Command and deputy of the Mossad, responds to false allegations made by Channel 2 against Breaking the Silence>>

Posted by Breaking the Silence on Sunday, March 20, 2016

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