Promoting Pluralism and Tolerance

NIF believes that freedom of – and from – religion are crucial to the survival of a just and democratic Israel. We fight for religious tolerance, and work to oppose the rabbinic hierarchy’s exclusion of women.

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  • Agunot Take Matters into Their Own Hands

    Fifty courageous agunot – women denied a divorce by their husbands – and allies protested near the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem last week.

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  • New Method for Choosing City Rabbis

    A new election process will ensure a more moderate and more representative city rabbinate.

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  • Israel Funds Non-Orthodox Rabbis

    In a landmark victory for religious pluralism, the government announced that it will now allow rabbis from the Reform and Conservative movements to serve as state-salaried community rabbis. The decision follows a seven-year legal struggle by veteran NIF grantee Israel Religious Action Center.

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  • Major Conference on Gynecology Excludes Women

    NIF is at the forefront of a campaign against a conference on innovations in gynecology, which will exclude women speakers. The Puah Institute, which helps couples with fertility, medicine, and Jewish law, held its 13th national conference in Jerusalem this week, with the theme "Innovations in Gynecology and Halachah: Judgments, Dilemmas and Challenges." In previous years, female experts were barred from speaking at the annual conference, leading many doctors to cancel their participation in protest. This year, the Puah Institute refused to reveal the list of speakers, presumably in an attempt to stave off criticism regarding its exclusion of women.

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