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Join the New Israel Fund in Opposing the “Transparency” (Hypocrisy) Law

6 January 2016

The Israeli Cabinet recently voted to support an anti-NGO bill designed by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and other leaders of the settler Jewish Home and Likud parties. While the pretext for this bill is greater “transparency,” what it really does is create a series of new hoops that organizations that criticize Israeli government policy must now jump through or face huge fines. Targeted to progressive organizations, especially human rights organizations, that receive foreign government funding, the bill deliberately avoids requiring funding transparency of right-wing and settler organizations, which receive millions each year from foreign individuals.

Read NIF’s Statement against the bill here:
Statement from NIF on Cabinet Passage of ‘Transparency Bill’

Read the New York Times op-ed by leading human rights attorney Michael Sfard here:
Israel’s Human Rights Activists Aren’t Traitors

Read the Washington Post editorial against the bill here:
A Danger to Israeli Democracy

Read the Forward op-ed by NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch here:
The Right Isn’t Shy About Influencing Israel. Why Is the Left?

Read the JTA op-ed by NIF VP Naomi Paiss here:
Proposed Israeli NGO Law is Hypocritical Attack on Left


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