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New Israel Fund Responds To Detention of American Jew At Israeli Border For Being “Here To Make Trouble”

13 September 2018

CEO Daniel Sokatch: If the Netanyahu government considers promoting equality, democracy, and justice to be ‘making trouble,’ we’ll wear that badge proudly”

Yesterday, Israeli government officials denied entry to a young American Jew on the way to making aliyah. Julie Weinberg-Connors was told that the Israeli government didn’t want them in the country. An officer said Julie was “here to make trouble” because of their previous visits to Palestinian areas of the West Bank. Julie was allowed to enter the country only after legal intervention.

Responding to these events, the New Israel Fund (NIF) launched a series of “here to make trouble” themed shirts, tote bags, and buttons which read, “Here To Make Equality,” “Democracy,” or “Justice,” available here.

NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch said:

“This summer, we’ve seen over and over again how the Netanyahu government has turned its border crossings into tools of political targeting and intimidation. This government has targeted progressives who disagree with its regressive policies or who participate in legal, nonviolent protest, including Israeli citizens and longtime supporters, for questioning, intimidation, and refusal. Now, we can add Americans who have visited Palestinian areas in the West Bank, legally and for any reason, to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s list of “troublemakers.” Even those who are in the process of making aliyah.

“This is the next escalation of a longstanding practice that has targeted visitors of Palestinian or Arab descent, and those who are not Jewish, with extra scrutiny at the border.

“And while we’re outraged, we’re also undeterred. If the Netanyahu government considers promoting equality, democracy, and justice to be “making trouble,” we’ll wear that badge proudly.”

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