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NIF CEO on Deportation Win: “Civil Society Stronger than Cruel and Fearful Few”

2 April 2018


In response to the Israeli government’s announcement that it will cancel its plan to deport people seeking asylum from African nations, Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund, which has funded leading organizations promoting the rights of people seeking refuge in Israel, and supported the leadership of communities in South Tel Aviv, released the following statement:

“Today, we have shown that our power as a civil society — the power of each of us standing up for what is right, and join together to press for change — is stronger than the power of the cruel and fearful few. We have proven that when we refuse to be afraid of one another, when we refuse to be pitted against one another, we can shape a better future for all of us.

“People seeking asylum will now have the chance to live their lives and raise their families in peace, in Israel and in other countries around the world whose governments have stepped up to protect human dignity and basic fairness. We congratulate every Israeli and every person around the world who held a sign, sent a letter, called an elected representative, and gave of themselves. We will celebrate this victory during our festival of liberation.

“And to those seeking asylum, we say: welcome.”

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