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NIF CEO on Gaza: Most Important Statement Is Our Grantees’ Work to Protect Human Lives and Rights

14 May 2018

Responding to tragic events in Gaza today and over the past several weeks, the New Israel Fund (NIF) released the following statement:

We are deeply disturbed that unarmed Palestinian protesters are being killed and wounded by Israeli fire at the Gaza border. Israel has a right to defend its borders and citizens, but must never target unarmed people who pose no threat to security forces. We are also deeply disturbed that Hamas risked the lives of Gaza’s protesters, including children, as cover for terrorist activities.

There is an ongoing humanitarian disaster in Gaza, and Israel must work together with the international community to solve it urgently. Gazans will continue to suffer and Israel will be party to more violence until it is resolved.

NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch said: “NIF’s most important statement has always been and continues to be the work of our grantees, who are tirelessly campaigning to change the policies that have led to these tragic outcomes. We will continue supporting their efforts to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza, protect human lives and rights, promote accountability, and take bold action toward a better future for all.”

Recent and ongoing activities of NIF’s grantees include:

  • Yesh Din, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Gisha, and HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual filed an urgent legal petition to challenge the way live ammunition is being used against unarmed protesters at the Gaza border as long as they are not endangering security forces or Israeli citizens.
  • ACRI released the following statement: “Israel’s right to defend its borders does not grant it permission to kill civilians — including if they approach or even cross the fence — as long as they are not endangering security forces.”
  • Physicians for Human Rights – Israel continues to send teams of doctors from Israel to treat the wounded and ill in Gaza.
  • Zazim is organizing Israelis to implore Israel’s Southern Command: “Stop the killing — change the orders and direct soldiers to immediately stop shooting protesters in Gaza.”
  • Gisha is continuing its research and advocacy to end the siege on Gaza. Gisha’s expert analysis can be found here.
  • Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together) called on Netanyahu and Trump to “stop the fire, stop playing with the lives of the people of this land, and change course: no more occupation, no more annexation and siege, we demand Israeli-Palestinian peace.”

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