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NIF CEO on Trump Plan: This is an “unbalanced presidential edict disguised as a ‘peace plan’

28 January 2020

Responding to the news that the Trump Plan enables, encourages, and facilitates annexation in the West Bank that hands Israel’s future to the radical settler right, NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch released the following statement:

“Most Israelis and the vast majority of American Jews want to see a democratic, equal, and just Israel. Today, the Trump Administration is offering Israeli officials and the radical settler right a free pass to march in the opposite direction: toward a future of unending injustice and inequality.

“This plan threatens to make the occupation permanent. If it becomes reality, there will be no two-state solution. This will cripple Israeli democracy by putting Israel in permanent control over the lives of millions of Palestinians who will have no right to vote for their own future. This is not the vision of Israel’s founders. It is not the vision of those of us who love and care about the state of Israel.

“The choice that has been available to Israel since 1967 remains clear: Israelis must choose between Israel’s Jewish character, its democracy, and its control over the Palestinian territories. Israel can choose two, but not all three. No unbalanced presidential edict disguised as a ‘peace plan’ will obscure this choice and no Israeli government will escape it.”

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