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NIF CEO Rejects Continued Occupation, Settlements, and Annexation

22 January 2020

In response to the current debate in Israel about annexing part or all of the West Bank, CEO of the New Israel Fund Daniel Sokatch released the following statement:

“The costs of annexation to both Israelis and Palestinians are clear and steep — after annexation, Israelis will no longer live in a true democracy and Palestinians in the West Bank will live with no real representation and no hope for self-determination.

“The choice that has been available to Israel since 1967 remains clear: It must choose between Israel’s Jewish character, its democracy, and its control over the Palestinian territories. Israel can choose two, but not all three. No Trump administration “peace plan” will obscure this choice; no Israeli government will escape this choice.

“We stand with the vast majority of American Jews and those Israelis who seek a more democratic, just, and equal future in Israel – together we reject continued occupation and the settlement enterprise, and say no to annexation.”

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