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NIF Statement on the Attack in Halle

10 October 2019

Responding to the attack on the Halle synagogue and kebab shop on Yom Kippur, Deputy Director of the New Israel Fund affiliate in Germany, Amir Theilhaber, and New Israel Fund CEO Daniel Sokatch released the following statements:

Statement from Amir Theilhaber, Deputy Chair of NIF-Germany:

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims in the horrific, anti-Semitic attack on the Jewish community and kebab shop in Halle. But our thoughts should not stand alone. Thoughts must be accompanied by action. We can only find the kind of reconciliation we seek today when we stand up to indefensible, murderous hatred everywhere, without exception. This Yom Kippur, we mourn deeply.

Statement from NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch:

We have seen anti-Semitism and xenophobia like this before. We saw it in Pittsburgh, in Poway, and in Christchurch. The attack in Halle comes from the same source: a far-right, white-nationalist ideology that hates immigrants, fears people of color and women, and sees Jews as the root of all evil. We stand with all those who reject this ideology and hate-based violence of all kinds. We can only move forward against such senseless hatred when we stand together.

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