Press Releases

Pacific Northwest Regional Council Statement

10 June 2015

“As New Israel Fund’s local leadership, we express our gratitude to Temple Beth Am for hosting our public conversation with Breaking the Silence on an important but difficult topic. It is vital to Israel’s democracy and international standing that its domestic human rights groups flourish – even when they raise challenging issues. Regardless of one’s own perspectives on the Occupation, we are bound by Jewish values to hear these courageous young soldiers. And we must ask what we’re doing to ourselves when we resist painful topics and respectful discourse.”

NIF PNW Regional Council: Sarah Boden, Jon Bridge, Zehava Chen-Levy, Allen and Carol Gown, Rabbi Anson Laytner, Sara Litt, Prof. Joel Migdal, Lisa Orlick-Salka, Prof. Eric Orlin, Prof. Noam Pianko, Simcha Shtull, and Rabbi Daniel Weiner.

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