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  • More (to put it charitably) Mistakes from NGO Monitor

    15 May 2011

    In a new statement, Dr. Gerald Steinberg and NGO Monitor dispute the indisputable – that last week, they put out a “report” about Coalition of Women for Peace as an NIF-supported organization, despite having been personally informed by our top official in Israel, Rachel Liel, that that is not the case.

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  • NGO Monitor Attacks New Israel Fund Based On Information it Knew to be Wrong

    12 May 2011

    Washington, DC— NGO Monitor today knowingly published false information in its newsletter that mistakenly identifies New Israel Fund as a funder of the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP).

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  • NIF Statement on Goldstone

    4 April 2011

    Since its establishment, the New Israel Fund has striven to strengthen both Israel and its democratic character. Following “Operation Cast Lead,” the human rights organizations supported by NIF called for the Israeli government to set up an independent commission of inquiry. Had the government agreed, this would have prevented the establishment of the Goldstone Commission.

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  • NIF Statement on Itamar Murders

    4 April 2011

    The New Israel Fund is deeply pained over the murder of the Fogel Family in Itamar and vehemently opposes any justification of such an inconceivable crime. Murder is the most extreme violation of our most basic human rights – the right to live. Violence against citizens is illegal and completely counterproductive to legitimate democratic processes.

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  • Statement from New Israel Fund CEO Daniel Sokatch: Knesset Probe of Human Rights Organizations Fails to Garner Majority

    22 February 2011

    Following the postponement – and likely failure – of the Knesset inquiry into the activities of Israel’s human rights community, the New Israel Fund released this statement from CEO Daniel Sokatch

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  • Statement From New Israel Fund CEO Daniel Sokatch: “Israel Is On A Dangerous Path”

    6 January 2011

    The New Israel Fund today released this statement from CEO Daniel Sokatch regarding the Knesset “parliamentary inquiry” into the activities of Israel’s human rights community: A healthy democracy respects and protects human rights. It does not engage in continual attempts to put its internationally-respected human rights organizations out of business.

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  • Katsav’s Conviction a Win for Women’s Rights and The Rule of Law

    30 December 2010

    Washington: The New Israel Fund (NIF) praised today’s conviction of former Israeli president Moshe Katsav for rape and sexual harassment as both a victory for women’s rights and a validation of Israel’s democratic institutions.

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  • Nearly 1000 of World’s Rabbis Urge Israeli Colleagues to Reject Racist Religious Ruling

    16 December 2010

    NEW YORK— Nearly 1000 rabbis from every Jewish religious denomination sent a letter to their Israeli colleagues this week condemning the recent rabbinical ruling forbidding Jews in Israel to rent or sell homes to Arabs as a “painful distortion of our tradition” and “ Chillul HaShem, a desecration of God’s name.”

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  • New Israel Fund Says “YES” to Prime Minister Netanyahu

    7 December 2010

    The New Israel Fund, the leading organization committed to equality and democracy for all Israelis, today issued the following statement.

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  • NIF Response on BDS

    18 November 2010

    Since the policy that Mr. Goldberg quotes was written, we at the New Israel Fund have made clear, not once but many times, that we do not support global BDS nor will we support organizations with BDS programs.  The original policy left room for the discretion we require as funders, the kind of discretion that allows us to engage in dialogue with an important organization that signs one letter supporting divestment rather than summarily dismissing them.

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