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Response to David Friedman Nomination

15 December 2016

In response to today’s announcement of David Friedman as Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the New Israel Fund released the following statement:

“Writing during election season in the far-right ultranationalist Arutz 7, David Friedman implored us to have “a keen sense of who is right and who is wrong in the Israel/Palestinian controversy.”

We do. David Friedman is wrong. He stands for neither democracy nor the Jewish value of tsedek that are so desperately needed in these times. He represents extreme fringe views that are at odds with most American Jews. Those of us concerned about Israel and the cause of peace there should be alarmed that Mr. Friedman will be representing America’s interests.

Together with our courageous colleagues, partners, and grantees, we will continue fighting for what’s right: democracy and equality for all Israelis and an end to the occupation.”

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