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UPDATE — NIF CEO: PM’s Lies “Pathetic, Shameful, Stain on Israel”

2 April 2018


This evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement on Facebook appearing to backtrack on his announcement that Israel has entered a deal to halt its mass deportation plan, including incitement and lies blaming the New Israel Fund for pressuring Rwanda to cancel the deal. Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund released the following statement:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again resorted to lies about the New Israel Fund in order to score cheap political points. The New Israel Fund had nothing to do with Rwanda’s decision to refuse to participate in the Prime Minister’s cruel mass deportation plan. We had everything to do with supporting a broad and powerful coalition within Israeli civil society, including people seeking refuge and community leaders in south Tel Aviv, who worked to ensure that everyone seeking asylum has the chance to live their lives and raise their families in peace.

“It is pathetic, shameful, and a stain on Israel in the global arena that the Prime Minister would blame Israel’s human rights defenders for his ineptitude and his immoral policies.”

click here for statement from earlier in the day

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