Be’er Sheva Holds Its First-Ever Pride Parade

7 July 2021

An estimated 3,500 people attended Be’er Sheva’s first-ever Pride parade last month. The event was organized, with strong support from the city’s Mayor Rubik Danilovich, by the Pride House in Be’er Sheva, which provides a community space for the southern city’s LGBTQ community.

In previous years Be’er Sheva has held smaller pride events, but several years ago a major pride event was cancelled when participants were banned from marching along Rager Boulevard, the city’s main thoroughfare.

This year’s parade was protected by hundreds of police. In advance of the event, several Ultra-Orthodox residents were arrested for posting threats on social media and attempting to forcibly enter the area of the parade. They were later released without charge.

June saw major Pride parades in cities throughout Israel including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, where over 200,000 people marched in one of the world’s largest pride events.

Photo credit: Joshua Stitt