Summer of Solidarity program with NewGen and Achvat Amim

18 May 2023

Photo credit: Achvat Amim

A partnership with NIF, Achvat Amim’s Summer of Solidarity is an opportunity to spend five weeks this summer on the ground and working directly with Palestinians and Israelis in the movement for justice and liberation. Participants will join a dynamic learning community in which we will explore and shape Jewish culture, identity, and activism as well as gain critical frameworks for understanding power, change-making, and movement-building, including sessions which illustrate NIF’s central role in building and maintaining civil society in Israel. As a community we will directly partake in solidarity work together on the ground designed to strengthen resistance efforts, build relationships, and develop skills.

The Summer Solidarity Cohort is open to students, workers, teachers, travelers, activists, all of the above, or something entirely different. Applicants can be living in the region for a semester or can be permanently residing in the region (though as a note, the communal living component of our 5-week summer program is required).

We aim to bring people together who are motivated to make real change in the world around them. Achvat Amim connects participants to projects that aim to end racism, violence and inequality as an essential building block for a society based on values that are central to Judaism —  justice, equity, and peace. 

We are seeking participants who are excited to develop a creative and participatory learning environment for exploring Jewish history, tradition and culture in order to build identity and community.

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