Defending Public Broadcasting

26 January 2023
Kan public broadcasting Logo

Yesterday, an emergency conference was held in solidarity with the KAN Israel Public Broadcasting Corp., which the new government wants to close down. Those present spoke about the importance of public, non-commercial broadcasting and called for it to be protected and strengthened rather than shut down.

The clear aim of the government in closing down KAN is to pressure the News Division to be less critical and to become a mouthpiece of the government like Channel 14. 

NIF grantees Zazim – Community Action and Omdim Beyahad (Standing Together) are collecting signatures for a petition on the matter.   

Zazim wrote, “It is not by chance that the government’s first steps are to suppress the public media and destroy the justice system. These are two sides of the same coin — familiar steps to establish a tyranny of the majority that cannot be criticized.”