Fighting For Climate Justice

19 August 2021

NIF Grantee Omdim Beyachad (Standing Together) is organizing to push Israel to take action to combat climate change. Omdim Beyachad is acting in coalition with the environmental group Green Course, Koach LaOvdim Democratic Workers Organization, and other activists, to launch the Green New Deal for Israel program.

The coalition notes that the Israeli government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 27% by 2030 and by 85% by 2050 – a low aim by international standards. At the same time, Israel is building a natural gas distribution infrastructure that will saddle Israel with polluting fossil fuels for decades to come.

More optimistically, the activists note that new research has found that if the world dispensed with gas emissions, global warming would stop more quickly than previously thought. The Green New Deal coalition is working hard to create mass pressure for the government to commit to the reduction of gas emissions in Israel as quickly as possible.