Haaretz to Distribute 100,000 Jubilee Haggadahs

6 April 2017

The Haaretz newspaper will distribute 100,000 copies of the Jubilee Haggadah that marks 50 years of occupation of the Palestinians on the eve of Passover next week.

In the arrangement sponsored by the New Israel Fund, Haggadah supplements will be inserted in the Haaretz print edition in Israel on April 9.

The Haggadah was compiled by Save Israel, Stop the Occupation (SISO) and includes writings from public figures such as American comedian Sarah Silverman and Israeli author Amos Oz.

The Jubilee theme is based on a verse from Leviticus that every 50 years we should “Proclaim liberty throughout the land for all who live on it.” The Haggadah will be used at seders around the world.

Also featured is former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg. Burg explains that an end to occupation would also mean an end to bondage for Israelis.

“When you walk into a jail, can you really distinguish between the jailer and the prisoner,” Burg said. “They both spend their time behind thick walls and barbed wire. The jailer and the prisoner are serving time together. So now for the first time in history I am not the persecuted but the persecutor.”

The “Stop It At 50!” forum of peace organizations have come together to coordinate events to mark the 50-year anniversary. On Saturday about 1,000 of the activists marched through Jerusalem. Chanting peace slogans and holding signs that read “We Stand Together,” the demonstrators called for an end to military rule of the Palestinians. “We are embarking on a journey to struggle for Israeli society, for peace, and for the end of the occupation,” organizers said on the event’s Facebook page.

Tel Aviv University Professor Emeritus Daniel Bar-Tal brought together dozens of activists to build SISO, which serves as a bridge between the Jewish anti-occupation community in Israel and abroad.

Photo credit: the Jubilee Haggadah