Naomi Chazan Global Activism Fellowship Program is Underway

12 July 2018

Monday was the first day of the 2018 Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship.

People traveled from Australia, the UK, Canada, and the U.S. for a prestigious 10-day trip in Israel and the occupied territories. They are exploring the challenges that Israeli and Palestinian activists are pushing past to bring about much-needed change.

Each NIF affiliate sends a staff person with their fellows – and this year, we were lucky enough to have our outgoing NIF/Shatil Social Justice Fellow (our year-long fellowship in Israel) Jacob Levkowicz leading the American contingency of the program – that’s him on the bottom right!

The trip participants will bring back inspiration and lessons to their communities.

You can follow the fellowship on social media at #NIFFellowship18 #FollowtheFellows. We look forward to not only seeing the fellows’ adventures over the next week and a half but also what their plans are once they return home.

Past fellows have used what they learned in Israel to help broaden the conversation around Israel using a variety of mediums: from photo exhibits, to movie screenings, to articles, to video calls, and more.

Some people say that young diaspora Jews don’t care about Israel – we beg to differ!