No Comfort in Revenge

12 October 2015

On Saturday night hundreds of Israelis came out for a rally, “There is no comfort in revenge,” in the center of Jerusalem. The protest opposed the escalating violence in Israel.

NIF is proud to have supported this important demonstration.

Many of the attendees were Orthodox Jews who cited Judaic sources to support the message of human dignity, tolerance, and mutual respect for all the region’s peoples and warn of the dangers of racism, incitement, revenge, and violence.

The mood of the rally was somber and discussed the consequences of violence and intolerance from a personal and moral rather than political point of view.

Speakers included Tag Meir’s Gadi Gvaryahu, Mavoi Satum’s Batya Kahana, activist Rabbi David Menachem, and Yigal Elchanan, whose sister was killed in a terrorist attack on Ben Yehuda Street.