Opposing Dress Codes on Public Transportation

23 February 2023

Following a complaint supported by NIF grantees the Israel Women’s Network and Israel Hofsheet (Be Free Israel), the Kavim bus company has agreed to pay a 13 year-old Israeli girl named Tamar Lahav $12,500 in damages for preventing her from boarding a bus because she was wearing a tank top. The bus driver told her that her dress “constituted sexual harassment,” according to Haaretz. He then asked her if she had “something to cover herself up.” When she said she didn’t, he closed the doors and drove off. 

Israel Hofsheet Executive Director Uri Keidar said, “We are working hard to make sure that no one — not the government, and not the citizens of Israel — appoints modesty patrols that can enforce their idea of a dress code in the public space. This must not happen.”