Speaking Out in the Name of Democracy

9 February 2023

On Tuesday, January 24th, The Jerusalem Post held a conference on democracy where NIF Israel Director Mickey Gitzin and Board Member Talia Sasson were interviewed and criticized the new government’s planned anti-democratic reforms.

During his interview, Gitzin said “The government’s proposed reforms are an attack against all elements of democracy, including the judiciary, the press, and all aspects of civil society that are important to democracy.”

Gitzin went on to say that the government has purposely led a legislative blitz to overwhelm those opposed to their policies, but he remained optimistic that the reforms can be defeated and is encouraged by the growing opposition.

Click here to read Mickey Gitzin’s interview.

Former NIF President and Board Member Talia Sasson said, “It is so important for us to be aligned with the Western world, especially when we are talking about democracy in Israel. We have to maintain our democracy for us and for the vision of the State of Israel in the world and the international community. Today, everything is outside in the streets, and the problem is not in rhetoric but in reality.”

Click here to read Sasson’s interview.