Thwarting the Nation-State Bill

3 December 2014

SHATIL is working intensively behind-the-scenes to ensure that the broad spectrum of opposition to the proposed Nation-State Bill becomes even stronger in opposing this divisive, anti-democratic legislation.

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In essence, the bill could elevate Israel’s Jewish nature above its democratic character, open the door to sanctioned discrimination against non-Jewish citizens and enshrine Jewish law as a legal influence on civil law.

And it’s not only progressive forces who are opposed.  Israeli President Ruby Rivlin, the Attorney General, the (just-fired) Justice Minister, and Knesset members in centrist parties have all expressed opposition the law and warn of its dangers.

Together with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and the Israel Democracy Institute, SHATIL is leading a multi-pronged campaign on both the political and public opinion levels, including meetings with government ministers and MKs in both the coalition and opposition who believe in safeguarding democracy.

Opponents of the bill in both Israel and the Diaspora have raised a number of concerns about its ramifications for the Palestinian Israeli community in Israel.

Civic leaders, politicians, social activists and ordinary citizens are working hard to make sure this threat to Israel’s democratic character does not become law. We will keep you posted on developments.