WATCH: What Does This Gesture Mean in Israeli Protests?

19 August 2020

In another clip in NIF’s “Glad You Asked” video series, Attorney Gaby Lasky, an expert on freedom of speech and the right to protest explains that “When we show that our hands are in the air, it is not only a sign of protest, but it is also important to put our hands up, so that it can be known and clear that when the police use violence against the demonstrators that ultimately we can show we are innocent of attacking police because you can see our hands are in the air.”

Lasky says that from her own experiences, there is violence by the police against demonstrators. It is also known, she adds, that many demonstrators who are arrested, are asked to sign forms that they were not attacked by the police.

The New Israel Fund continues to advocate for freedom of expression and right to protest and stands with all citizens choosing to exercise this right.

Attorney Gavriela Lasky, Non-violent Protest Tactics in Israel

What does it mean when Israeli protesters cross their arms?

Attorney Gabby Lasky breaks down this non-violent protest strategy seen especially in the recent wave of protests across Israel.

Posted by New Israel Fund on Wednesday, August 19, 2020