Women Demanding Democracy

9 February 2023

NIF was proud to support a protest organized by women’s rights organizations earlier this week. Hundreds of women gathered in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square to protest against the government’s so-called judicial reforms, women’s lack of representation in public office, and for equal rights.

Dr. Yofi Tirosh of Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law said, “The first people to pay the price of the police revolution will be women — all women, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political views. These reforms aren’t just ideas. The laws for repressing women and gender minorities are already written and are at the top of the Knesset’s agenda. This government will enact them immediately after they gut the judicial system, rendering the courts unable to stop it.”

Social activist Sapir Slutzker-Amran from the organization Breaking Walls, said: “The Black Panthers said that if there is no cake for everyone, there will be no cake, and the Black Panthers here on stage are saying — not only will there be no cake, we will burn the oven factory, and the chair factory, and the table factory — because the days when men don’t give us a seat at the table are over.”