Addressing Opportunities and Obstacles in Arab Israeli Society

31 March 2022

Last week, the New Israel Fund, together with the Israel Democracy Institute and University of Haifa, sponsored the Haifa Conference for Politics and Arab Society in Israel.

The conference took place in what many are calling a new era for Arab society in Israel — at a time when the first Arab-led party, Mansour Abbas’s United Arab List, sits in the governing coalition. The conference delved into the question of whether this kind of political participation is a one-time phenomenon or likely to become a permanent fixture. It also examined the achievements and shortcomings of the United Arab List from within the coalition thus far.

The conference also explored the most pressing problems facing Arab society in Israel, including the need for basic infrastructure, planning and building, the economics of crime, the next generation of Arab citizens of Israel, public opinion in Arab society, and public dialogue. NIF was excited to coordinate and support such a vital conference and will continue to invest in building an equal society for all.