“Equal on the Pitch”

12 March 2015

 In honor of International Woman’s Day, NIF’s Kick it Out initiative – which works to combat racism on and off the field – held a special event called “Equal on the Pitch.” The event, designed to emphasize gender equality and promote female athletes, was a great success.

To kick off the day, there were a series of games between players from the national women’s under-19 team, who will be representing Israel in the European Championship this summer, and 40 young players from high schools in the Netanya region.
After the games had finished, journalist Dana Spector hosted a panel discussing the issues Israeli women face in sports alongside a prominent group of female athletes, broadcasters, and coaches from around the country. Broadcaster and commentator Sharon Peri said, “In my career I needed to take a lot of insults from men in order to arrive at the position where I am today. There are very few women in this field and every one of them must hold fiercely onto her spot so no one will take it from her.”

This was the opening shot in a series of major events NIF is holding in the lead-up to the Under-19 Women’s European Championship that will be held in Israel this summer.

Equal on the Pitch was organized by Kick it Out in coordination with the Israeli Football Association (IFA), and Athena, the Israeli Council for Women’s Sport.