Two Young Ethiopian-Israelis Compensated Following Discrimination

29 May 2014

Two young Ethiopian Israeli women who were barred from entering a nightclub because of the color of their skin have been awarded compensation of NIS10,000 each. They were represented by NIF grantee Tebeka.

In June 2012, Tafenesh Yimtatzeh and Osheret Albetzo went to a nightclub in Petach Tikvah with two non-Ethiopian male friends. The doorman at the nightclub allowed the two men to enter, but not the women. When they asked why, they were told that entrance is determined “according to a pre-prepared list, and you are not on it.”

Instead of accepting this racism, they teamed up with Tebeka, which fights for justice and equality for Ethiopian Israelis, and sued the nightclub, leading to the out-of-court settlement.

Osheret commented: “I really hope that every Ethiopian, and especially the young generation, will learn to stand up for their rights as free members of an equal society.”

Tebka’s Executive Director, Fentahun Assefa-Dawit, added: “We’ll only be able to reduce discrimination if we use all our means to fight it. These girls gathered up their strength and, with Tebeka’s help, received their just compensation. I am worried that there are many similar cases of racism and discrimination against Ethiopians.” Well done to Tafenesh and Osheret for not giving up, and to Tebeka for helping them in their struggle!