Equal Pay Calculator Wins Prize

13 January 2016

Like their counterparts in the US and other countries across the globe, Israeli women face persistent gender-based wage gaps. However, thanks to the Equal Pay Calculator – an innovative tool to encourage and enable employers to identify and address gendered pay gaps – we’re working to change the status quo and help Israeli women to break through the glass ceiling.

And our work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

After a competitive process of evaluating innovations, the Civil Service Commission publicly recognized the Equal Pay Calculator for its unique contribution to innovation in the public sector. The first of its kind in Israel, the calculator allows employers to easily retrieve information about the wages of men vs. women in their organization. It was developed by the Shatil-coordinated Equal Pay Project, a partnership with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, the Israel Women’s Network and the Adva Center. The Calculator, together with a Wage Gaps Manual for employers, reflects an innovative transition to self-regulation on the part of employers. To see the tool, the manual and a short animated film on the subject (in Hebrew) go to the web site of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, where more than 1,200 people have downloaded it.