Negev Council Launched

8 January 2015

More than a year of hard work came to fruition on the eve of the New Year when the Negev Council gathered for its inaugural meeting. The Council brings together the Negev’s diverse political, public, and business leadership in one official body. SHATIL’s Be’er Sheva staff was integral in launching this important initiative by facilitating cooperation between representatives of the region’s multicultural and often disparate populations. Participants in the meeting included prominent local officials such as Be’er Sheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich and Bnei Shimon Regional Council Head Sigal Moran, both of whom addressed the session. All participants agreed that to guarantee a better future for the Negev they must begin working together to address mutual interests.

Photo Credit: Directions – Negev Desert, Israel 2008 by Flickr user Raffaele Esposito (aka “raffaespo”)