Increasing Arab Representation in the Israeli Media

7 December 2015

A research project by NIF grantee Sikkuy revealed that during 48 hours of near continuous coverage on three major Israeli TV channels following the recent terror attacks in Paris, not a single Arab appeared as an expert commentator. In addition, out of a total of 23 experts, only two were women.

In a statement publicizing the research, Sikkuy said: “We don’t understand – is it really that difficult to find a good interviewee among 1,200,000 citizens? So that the picture presented to the Israeli public regarding Arab society and the regional reality will be credible and balanced, and so that Arabs really will be equal citizens, Arabs need to be interviewed throughout the media.”

The research is the first part of a new Sikkuy project which aims to ensure that Arabs will be interviewed more frequently in the mainstream media. The project has already born fruit, with Sikkuy helping Channel 10 find an Arab speaker for a recently broadcast panel discussion concerning ISIS.

Photo credit: Louis du Mont – via Flickr (source)