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  • Flying Into the Future

    13 March 2015

    As you read this, I’m on my way back to Israel. With the elections next Tuesday, and with the rather interesting week we’ve had at NIF, it’s a good time for me to be in Tel Aviv at such a critical juncture for Israel’s future.

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  • It’s Our Future Too!

    26 February 2015

    New campaigns are working to ensure that Palestinian Israelis are not disenfranchised during the elections, and that public housing is on every politician’s agenda.

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  • A Time for Hope

    5 February 2015

    Ahead of the March elections, Shatil is working to make social justice issues front and center.

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  • Israeli Elections 2015 – How Does It Work?

    3 February 2015

    On March 17, 2015, Israelis will head to the polls for national elections. Here is a primer for how elections work in Israel.

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  • The Israeli Elections: What’s at Stake

    7 January 2015

    The upcoming elections in Israel will have a major impact on the New Israel Fund’s issues – and our issues will play a major role in the outcome of the election.

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