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  • Shatil Spotlight: Besan Wattad

    21 October 2021

    Meet Besan Wattad: a young Palestinian Israeli battling crime and violence in Palestinian society.

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  • Hackathon Seeks to Hack Crime in Israel’s Arab Communities

    6 October 2021

    As violence in Arab Israeli communities reach an all-time high, NIF grantees and other organizations organized a hackathon to develop technologies for crime prevention.

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  • Advancing Progressive Values

    19 August 2021

    With opportunities to influence Israel’s new government, NIF’s action arm, Shatil, steps up a new training program for civil society organizations advocating for their cause.

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  • Campaigning for Arabic in Public Spaces

    5 August 2021

    Following a tireless campaign by NIF grantee Sikkuy – The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality, Ben Gurion Airport finally adds a “Welcome to Israel” sign in Arabic in addition to other Arabic signs.

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  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Israel’s Citizenship Law

    7 July 2021

    Israel’s new government represents the start of a new era of opportunity for NIF and our grantees, especially those dealing with issues of shared society. But the Knesset fight over the racist Citizenship Law is a reminder that we must also remain ever-vigilant for the moments when this many-sided government faces hot button issues.

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  • Advocating for Arabic

    17 June 2021

    NIF grantee Sikkuy – The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality launched a campaign encouraging Israeli Jews to learn Arabic.

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  • Bridge the Divide: Building Jewish-Arab Partnership In a Time of Crisis

    3 June 2021

    Jewish-Arab partnership is critical to Israel’s moral fabric and to a democratic future based on equality for all its citizens. In the wake of the recent crisis, NIF is redoubling our investing in initiatives that foster Jewish-Arab cooperation, combat racism and extremism, and advance public legitimacy for Jewish-Arab partnership, and which bring representatives of the Palestinian community in Israel into local and national decision-making.

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  • Shatil Spotlight: Fida Nara Tabony

    3 June 2021

    Meet Fida Nara Tabony: Shatil’s New Director of Shared Society and Haifa Office who is leading the charge on Jewish-Arab partnership in the face of injustice.

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  • Calling For Calm, Fighting for Equality

    28 May 2021

    The Abraham Initiatives and Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality played a key role in the mobilization for peace and shared society amidst the landscape of violent escalation.

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  • Campaigning for Arabic in Public Services

    6 May 2021

    In a victory for equitable access Arabic-speaking Israelis, after pressure from NIF grantee Sikkuy, the Israel Electric Corporation introduced Arabic language services on its hotline.

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