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  • Arab Representatives to be Added to Important Government Committee

    16 January 2014

    Thanks to ACRI, equal representation is a step towards a more socially equal Negev.

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  • Israel Funds Non-Orthodox Rabbis

    1 January 2014

    In a landmark victory for religious pluralism, the government announced that it will now allow rabbis from the Reform and Conservative movements to serve as state-salaried community rabbis. The decision follows a seven-year legal struggle by veteran NIF grantee Israel Religious Action Center.

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  • Immersion and Empowerment

    5 December 2013

    A new training program for mikva (ritual bath) attendants in Israel is an important step forward for women’s rights. The new training program, which will be run by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, was agreed upon following a campaign by Advot (Ripples), a group of women’s rights activists.

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  • Knesset Raises Minimum Age of Marriage

    13 November 2013

    In a victory for the rights of Arab and ultra-Orthodox women, the Knesset has raised the minimum age of marriage from 17 to 18. The amendment to the 1950 Age of Marriage Law passed its final vote with 55 in favor and 11 against. The vote follows a ten-year campaign by NIF grantee the Working Group for Equality in Personal Status Issues. Previously, religious parties had managed to prevent this legislation from being implemented.

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  • Success for Arab Women in the Municipal Elections

    30 October 2013

    The number of women representatives of Arab municipalities nearly doubled in last week’s municipal elections. This follows a major NIF grant to five organizations (led by grantees Mossawa and Women against Violence) for the purpose of increasing female representation from all parties on local councils.

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  • Breakthrough for Movement for Freedom of Information

    3 October 2013

    In a victory for transparent government, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni has announced that government dealings with private groups will now be made public.

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  • Landmark Ruling on Refugees in Israel

    17 September 2013

    Asaf Weitzen, 34, is a lawyer with Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, one of the petitioners in the historic Supreme Court case challenging the Anti-Infiltration Law, which incarcerated more than 2000 African refugees without due process or recourse to the possibility of asylum. Following the verdict, NIF spoke to him to get his reaction to the landmark victory.

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  • An Important Victory for Arab Land Rights

    20 June 2013

    In a precedent-setting ruling, the Haifa Magistrate Court approved a settlement against a real estate developer who discriminated against Arab buyers. Flagship NIF grantee the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) played an important role in this case fighting discrimination in land allocation.

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  • An End to Gender Segregation?

    23 May 2013

    May 8th became a day of celebration for proponents of equality in Israel after Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein instructed the government to immediately stop the exclusion and segregation of women in the public sphere.

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  • Eritrean Asylum Seekers and Children Released from Detention

    9 May 2013

    In a precedent-setting ruling, an Israeli court decided that minors detained under the Anti-Infiltration Law should be released from jail, even if they are accompanied by their parents. Following this ruling, the Interior Ministry agreed to free all Eritrean mothers and children jailed under the law.

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