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Explore the issues:
Go beyond the headlines to examine the realities of contemporary Israel. Meet the leaders of Israel’s dynamic social change movement. Learn about the challenges to Israel’s identity as a Jewish and democratic state. Investigate the issues and politics of religion, immigration, racism, the costs of occupation, shared society, and other urgent civil and human rights challenges. Learn about everyday life for Israelis living in the midst of complicated social, economic and political times.

Meet the players:
Meet grassroots activists, civil rights attorneys, Knesset members, academics, prominent jurists, journalists, writers, and artists – all of whom are shaping the movement for social change in Israel today.

Stretch your mind:
Speak with Israelis of diverse political and ideological views – Orthodox and secular, Jewish and Palestinian, liberal and conservative, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, recent immigrant and veteran Israeli.

See the country:
Visit the separation fence and see up close how it affects the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians. See what life is like for the Bedouin in the South, or in the mixed city of Haifa in the North, or for Israeli settlers and their Palestinian neighbors in the West Bank. Celebrate Shabbat in an Israeli home. Taste the fruits of an Israeli vineyard. Enjoy the beauty of the country while exploring its challenges and learning about its hope for the future.

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November 10-17, 2016
Learn more about our Art & Justice Study Tour

For more information, please contact May Pundak, Director of Israel Travel — via email ( or by phone (415.543.5055).

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