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Your Tour Leaders: Merav Mizrahi, May Pundak, and Jan Kallish

Merav Mizrahi, Director of Overseas Relations, NIF Jerusalem

KarenAndMeravMerav Mizrahi is the Director of Overseas Relations at the New Israel Fund and is responsible for NIF study tours and donor visits. She also coordinates various NIF projects including the Civil Liberties Law Fellows Program. In the past, Merav was an activist in various NIF grantees, mainly women’s and Mizrachi women’s organizations. Prior to joining the NIF in May 2006, Merav was the Director of the Projects Department at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Merav received her BA in Political Science and Communications from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is an alumna of the Public Activists’ Leadership Program of Hebrew University. Merav was born and raised in Jerusalem.


May Pundak, NIF Director of Israel Travel

[image - May Pundak]May Pundak is the director of the New Israel Fund New Generations in the San Francisco region and the director of Israel travel for NIF. Trained as a human rights attorney, May is a graduate of the advanced LL.M program in International and Public Law from the Hebrew University. May founded and directed an organization supporting dialogue groups of Israeli and Palestinian youth from West and East Jerusalem and was later the executive director of the Polyphony Foundation. May clerked in the Israeli Attorney General’s office and helped establish a legal advisory team for political grassroots movement fighting for civil equality in Israel. May is a certified group facilitator and has experience in transitional justice, community lawyering and organizing.


Jan Kallish, NIF Chicago Regional Director

[image - Jan Kallish]Jan Kallish is the Chicago Regional Director of the New Israel Fund. Her relationship with NIF goes back nearly 38 years. Jan was a lay leader in Chicago in the 90’s, co-founded New Generations there and served on the NIF International Board.  Jan has worked in the performing arts the last three decades, serving as Executive Director of both the landmark Auditorium Theatre and Victory Gardens Theatre in Chicago, and as a producer, on Broadway and off. Jan is an adjunct faculty member of the Theatre School of DePaul University and has led several theatre tours to London. Her passion for social justice, the arts, and Israel could not have found a better home in this upcoming study tour.