What We Do

NIF creates social change in Israel.

We invest in hundreds of Israeli organizations whose work changes the equation on civil rights, on religious freedom, and on social justice. And we are not only funders. We organize, we advocate, we train, we convene. We’re building a community committed to a vision of a democratic, just, and equal Israel.

New Initiatives for Democracy

Our vision of Israel is as a just, democratic, and egalitarian society. To that end, NIF is now beginning a series of major investments to strengthen the pro-democracy, progressive forces in Israel.

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We know that building a better Israel takes a village. Widely credited with building Israel’s progressive civil society from scratch, we have provided over $250 million to more than 850 cutting-edge organizations since our inception.

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We know that it takes more than money to make lasting change. That’s why we invest in people. SHATIL, NIF’s action arm, employs more than 100 Israeli professionals in our offices in Jerusalem, Haifa and Be’er Sheva who empower social change agents: non-profit staff, social entrepreneurs, activists, students, public sector professionals and others.

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We believe in the power of collaboration. NIF funds, and SHATIL organizes and provides professional services to, a broad range of coalitions and forums in Israel in a variety of issue areas including social justice, human rights, and religious pluralism.

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We are proud progressives who advocate for a liberal, democratic and inclusive Israel. From social media, to mainstream media, to local municipalities, to the halls of the Knesset, we speak out and empower others to do the same so that the voices of all Israelis can be heard.

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We invest in the future. NIF fellowships provide the next generation of leaders with unparalleled hands-on experience and knowledge in advancing social change. Learn more about the acclaimed Israel-U.S. Civil Liberties Law Program, Social Justice, Everett, and Facilitation Fellowships.

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