2015 Grantees

The New Israel Fund vets and approves for funding hundreds of organizations working to make Israel a better, more equal, and more democratic society.

Out of those hundreds of Israeli organizations, NIF identifies dozens of groups to receive support from NIF’s core budget. The list of Israeli organizations receiving grants from NIF’s core budget are listed below under the heading “Core Grants.”

NIF also invites our supporters to supplement these grants with funds they advise we use to support specific organizations. This allows NIF to make larger grants to core-funded groups and to support a wider circle of organizations that meet our criteria and fall within our areas of focus. These organizations are listed below under the heading “Donor Advised Grants.”

NIF has provided over $300 million to more than 900 cutting-edge organizations since our inception, ensuring that hundreds of Israeli groups now work on those issues we care most about: Democracy and Civil & Human Rights, Religious Pluralism and Tolerance, Social & Economic Justice, and Environmental Justice.

For Core Grants, the data below represents the amount authorized for the reporting year. For reasons connected to the schedule of our grant payments, this figure may differ from the amount paid to a grantee in the reporting year. Both amounts are listed in NIF’s financial reports, which you can find here. For Donor Advised Grants, the data below represents the amount paid in the reporting year.

Core Grants

Human Rights
Human Rights Defenders Fund $120,000.00
Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights $90,000.00
The Movement for Freedom of Information $50,000.00
The Public Knowledge Workshop $50,000.00
The Social Guard $50,000.00
Tmura – The Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center $50,000.00
Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) $45,000.00
Emek Shaveh $40,000.00
Joint Lobbyist for Refugee-Aid Organizations $36,000.00
B’Tselem $35,000.00
Ir Amim $35,000.00
Breaking the Silence (BTS) $32,000.00
Haokets $25,000.00
Women’s Fund for Human Rights: Machsom Watch $25,000.00
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel $21,000.00
Yesh Din $20,000.00
The African Refugees Development Center (ARDC) $14,000.00


Shared Society & Combating Racism
Tag Meir – Light Tag Forum $75,000.00
The Coalition Against Racism $75,000.00
Mahapach $35,000.00
Negev Coexistence Forum $35,000.00
The Negev Council $27,000.00
Givat Haviva $25,000.00
Noar Kahalacha $25,000.00
Sikkuy $25,000.00
The Abraham Fund Initiatives $25,000.00
The Leo Baeck Education Center, Haifa $25,000.00
Tebeka – Justice and Equality for Ethiopian Israelis $20,000.00
Youth Building a Shared Future $18,000.00
Power to the Community $15,000.00
Hakeshet Be-Arad – Community for Intercultural Dialogue $12,000.00
Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development – AJEEC $10,000.00


Palestinian Society in Israel
Mossawa Center – The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel $90,000.00
The Arab Center for Alternative Planning $75,000.00
Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel $50,000.00
Mirkaz Al – Hukok $45,000.00
Women Against Violence $40,000.00
Committee for Educational Guidance for Arab Students $35,000.00
Dirasat – The Arab Center for Law and Policy $30,000.00
Intimaa Wa Amal $30,000.00
Al Intimaa Wa Ataa: The Association for Social Advancement $25,000.00
Al-Rafah $25,000.00
Kayan – Feminist Organization for Arab Women $25,000.00
Tishreen Association to Promote Culture in Taibe $15,000.00


Social and Economic Justice
The Israeli Association for Distributive Justice $55,000.00
New Discourse: The Democratic Mizrahi Rainbow $45,000.00
Achoti (Sister) – For Women in Israel $43,000.00
Adva Center: Information on Equality and Social Justice in Israel $40,000.00
Libi Bamizrah – The Coalition for Equal Allocation of Cultural Resources in Israel $35,000.00
Ha Lo Nehmadim – We Are Not Nice $30,000.00
Hagar – The Affordable Housing Center $30,000.00
Socio-Economic Studies Association $30,000.00
Tehuda – Lands Coalition $30,000.00
The National Coalition for Direct Employment $25,000.00
Ahuzat Negev $22,000.00
Hamaabara – The Transit Camp: The Jerusalem Campaign for Housing Rights $22,000.00
The Public Housing Forum $21,000.00
Tmura – The Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center $20,000.00
Em Habanim – Support Center for Divorced Families $17,000.00
Forum for Immigrant Families in the North $15,000.00
Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews $15,000.00
Hapardes $10,000.00
The Public Housing Group $10,000.00
The Beit She’an Public Housing Group $8,000.00


Religious Freedom
Israel Hofsheet – Be Free Israel $85,000.00
Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) $85,000.00
Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah $70,000.00
The Masorti Movement $70,000.00
Kolech – Religious Women’s Forum $45,000.00
Mavoi Satum $40,000.00
Hiddush – For Religious Freedom and Equality $15,000.00
Kumu! $15,000.00


Advancing Democratic Discourse
Molad $150,000.00
Shaharit $150,000.00
KIAH – Kol Israel Haverim $117,500.00
Peace and Security Association $107,500.00
Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies $75,000.00
Our Heritage (Morashtenu) $50,000.00
The Tikun Movement for Social and Cultural Change in Israel $50,000.00



Donor Advised Grants

Haifa Women’s Crisis Shelter $50
Eritrean Women’s Community Center $311
Emek Shaveh $400
Etgarim Israel Outdoor Sports and Recreation $500
Kol Ha’Isha: Jerusalem Women’s Center $500
Society for the Advancement of Education, Jerusalem $650
Friends of Open House $750
IKRIT $750
Turning the Tables $1,000
HaMoked: Center for Defense of the Individual $1,100
A.V.Israel $1,135
Inter-Religious Coordinating Council $1,203
SELAH- Israel Crisis Management Center for New Immigrants $1,500
A New Dawn $2,000
Tel Aviv Univesity $2,000
The Masorti Movement $2,000
Oz V’Shalom Netivot Shalom $2,162
T’mura $2,266
Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts $2,515
Social Economic Association (SEA) $2,523
Keshev: Center for the Protection of Democracy $2,663
Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam $2,999
Lagiya: Association for the Improvement of the Status of Women $3,000
Ukuleles for Peace $3,157
Humans Without Borders $3,373
Mira Menashe $3,500
Ha’Amuta Le-Kidom Hasport Hameshutaf Mevaseret-Abu-Gosh $3,997
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies $4,000
New Discourse (The Democratic Mizrahi Rainbow) $4,000
IPCRI – Israel Palestinian Center for Research and Information $4,499
Hamleh-Arab Center $5,000
ITWorks $5,000
Jamaah Leadership Dev Comm Em $5,000
The Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra $5,000
The Mifne Center: Early Intervention in the Treatment of Autism for the Young Child and the Family $5,000
Women’s Spirit $5,000
The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television $5,050
Awareness for You $5,113
Ladaat – Choose Well $5,200
Wizo Women’s International Zionist Organization $5,295
Wadi Attir $5,542
Merkaz Hashachar – Kibbutz K’tura $5,667
Hillel: Association for Jews Leaving Ultra-Orthodoxy $5,777
Yerucham Association $6,000
Latet $6,600
Woman to Woman: Jerusalem Battered Women’s Shelter $7,171
Shluvim-The Association for Edu. Equal Opportunity $7,351
Almanarah $7,499
Tishreen A Culture Reviving Association – Taybeh $7,500
BE ER SOVA $8,000
African Refugees Development Center (ARDC) $8,244
Panim $8,294
Association of Rape Crisis Centers $8,500
Keren Kagan $8,559
Workers’ Hotline: Kav LaOved $9,059
Arous Elbahr for the Woman in Jaffa $9,757
Parents’ Circle: Bereaved Parents $9,902
A Place for All- Promoting Social $10,000
Al – Amal Hatikva $10,000
Citizens for the Environment in the Galilee $10,000
Karev for Involvment in Education $10,000
Mavoi Satum (“Dead End”) $10,000
Moona – A Space for Change $10,000
OTZMA $10,000
The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies $10,000
Givat Haviva Jewish-Arab Center for Peace $10,620
Interfaith Encounter Association $10,929
Together Beyond Words $11,248
Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah $11,294
Nazareth Nurseries Institute (Al-Tufula) $11,500
Merhavim Community Center $11,641
National Council for the Child $11,759
Sandciel Center $12,000
Kefa For Social Change In The Negev $13,384
Combatants for Peace $13,393
Challenge $13,600
Naam – Arab Women in the Center $13,694
Negev Coexistence Forum $13,888
The Seventh Eye $13,950
Women Against Violence (WAV) – Nazareth $14,586
ASHALIM The association for planning and develop $14,732
Ossim Shalom: Social Workers for Peace and Welf $15,000
Rape Crisis Center – Haifa $15,000
Ma’arag-for the Advancement of Education in a Multicultural Society $15,005
Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons $15,049
Bar-Kayma for Culture, Art, Music and Peace $15,062
15 Minutes – Public Transport Consumers Union $15,100
English-Speaking Residents Association $15,179
Committee for Public Transportation $15,360
Public Committee Against Torture (PCATI) $15,643
Sister for Women in Israel $15,784
Economic Empowerment for Women $16,000
The Abraham Fund Initiatives $16,000
The Women’s Courtyard $16,200
Maas: For Bolstering and Renewing the Public Sector $17,000
Kol Haneshama $17,158
Women Wage Peace $18,214
Israel Womens Network (IWN) $18,391
Tikkun $18,875
Oranim: Hamidrasha Center for Study Fellowship $20,000
The Open Konwledge Workshop $20,000
Asaf $20,150
Tasfachin $20,774
Shalom Hartman Institute $21,000
Society for the Protection of Personal Rights $21,800
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute $22,127
Hiyot $22,801
Association of Bedouin Women to Promote Education $23,478
Gesher Multicultural Film Fund $25,000
Yad L’isha $25,000
Women’s Crisis Center of the Negev $25,652
Re’ut Sadaka: Jewish-Arab Youth Movement for Peace and Equality $26,200
Alumot – the center for the organizations of peope $27,117
Gisha Center for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement $28,800
Israeli Gay Youth Organization $28,805
Green Course (Megama Yeruka) $30,000
ISPRA – Israel Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association $30,000
Krembo Wings $31,066
MEET – Middle East Education through Technology $31,281
Tzeireim Beyerucham $34,866
Bat- Kol, Queer Jewish Women $36,100
Shvil : Transparency International- Israel $38,404
Kol Zchut (Wikirights) $40,000
Loshma’a for the integration of people with mental disabilities $40,000
Tebeka – Center for Legal Aid & Advocacy for Ethiopian Jewish In Israel $40,100
12 Heshvan: Promoting Tolerance in an Orthodox Context $40,174
The Freedom of Information Association $40,758
Yedid: The Association for Community Empowerment $41,000
Mahapach: Education, Housing, and Livelihood $42,606
The Social Guard $42,899
Mossawa $44,000
Isha L’Isha: Haifa Feminist Organization $47,450
Israel Family Planning Association $47,500
Friends of McGill University $50,000
Jerusalem Venture Partners JVP Community $50,000
Israel Story $50,360
Nine Seven Two Advancement of Citizen Journalism $53,292
Summit Institute $53,515
Association to Promote Cultural Ed in Kfar $55,000
Olim Beyachad $55,000
Yesh Din $55,778
Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies $56,159
Tor Hamidbar $57,000
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants $68,569
Center for Women’s Justice $68,800
AHD: Association of Academics for the Development of Arab Society in the Negev $70,000
Israeli Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) $70,450
Ir-Amim $73,887
Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF) $74,000
Shaharit $75,000
Signing Anew $75,000
Kesher: Information, Guidance, and Counseling Center for Parents $79,410
Women Lawyers for Social Justice $101,461
Religious Women’s Forum $84,894
Physicians for Human Rights $86,740
Bina (at Merchavim Chevra Lechinuch Vetarbut) $86,846
Hoshen – Education and Change $89,347
Mabat – Awareness in a Multi-Cultural Society $90,000
Our Heritage $93,066
A New Way $94,822
Women of the Wall $96,909
Hagar-Jewish-Arab Education for Equality $98,791
The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership $100,000
Economic Cooperation Foundation $102,500
Tevel B’Tzedek $104,941
Kav Mashve – Emloyers’ Coalition for Arab University Graduates $115,000
Breaking the Silence (BTS) $117,727
Bizchut: Center for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities $118,977
Trust of Programs for Early Childhood, Family, and Community Education $120,000
Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel $124,097
Adalah: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel $126,320
Be Free Israel $129,564
Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance $131,617
Merchavim: Institute for Multicultural and Democratic Education for Israel $145,000
Kiah $153,100
Fidel: Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews $153,227
Sikkuy: Israel Association for the Advancement of Equal Opportunity $157,250
Adva Center $167,500
Zazim $175,000
Women’s Fund for Human Rights (Machsom Watch) $189,060
INJAZ $194,897
Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights $205,000
B’Tselem $210,460
The Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) $220,488
Rabbis for Human Rights $221,457
Molad – The Center for the Renewal of Democracy $295,500
Agenda – The Israeli Center for Strategic Communication $417,258
Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) $440,504
The Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) $600,000
Council for Peace and Security $675,970
Friends of Kedma School $691,975
Totals $10,836,645


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