The New Israel Fund provides grants to organizations that help make Israel a more just, equal, and democratic society.

NIF has provided more than $345 million to more than 950 organizations since our establishment in 1979. Ranging from large grants to organizations like our flagship grantee, the Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), to smaller grants to community organizations working on social change at the local level, our grantmaking procedure is rigorous, transparent, and based on partnership with our grantees.

Whether grantees receive core grants from NIF or donor-advised funding, they are all legally recognized and registered nonprofits in Israel. Additionally, every grantee must meet NIF’s funding guidelines and undergo regular evaluation for effectiveness and consistency with NIF’s strategic priorities.

NIF provides grants from our core budget to organizations advancing priorities like protecting democratic institutions, building a shared society, or defending human rights (see NIF’s issues). These grants are listed below under the heading “Core Grants.” NIF also makes rapid response grants from its core budget (see under 2023 Rapid Response Grants).

Funders may also choose to make “Donor Advised (DA) Grants” to support specific organizations. This allows NIF to support a wider circle of organizations that meet our criteria and fall within our areas of focus and helps to strengthen progressive civil society in Israel. These grants are listed below under the heading “Donor Advised Grants.”

Note: For Core Grants, the data below represents the amount authorized for the reporting year. For reasons connected to the schedule of our grant payments, this figure may differ from the amount paid to a grantee in the reporting year. Both amounts are listed in NIF’s financial reports, which you can find here.

2023 Core Grants

Safeguarding Human & Civil Rights
Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel
Adalah conducts litigation and advocacy efforts by and for Palestinian citizens of Israel to ensure the rights of this community.
ASSAF – Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel
Joint Lobbyist for Refugee-Aid Organizations
ASSAF works to advance the rights of asylum seekers and provides assistance programs. The grant supports a joint lobbyist working in coordination with the major refugee rights organizations to promote a fair and humane policy for asylum seekers in Israel.
Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)
NIF’s flagship grantee, ACRI promotes the universality of human rights through precedent-setting litigation, human rights education, public outreach, and advocacy.
The Movement for Freedom of Information
MFOI promotes transparency in public institutions and encourages the public to make use of its right to government-held information.
Safeguarding Civil Society & Activists
Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)
DocoRights Project
The grant supports ACRI’s DocoRights Project, which assists and supports activists in defending their right to protest.
The Civil Society Protection Hub (through the Israeli Democratic Bloc)
The Civil Society Protection Hub, established in 2023, is the central address for supporting the pro-democracy organizations and activists fighting the government’s extremist agenda. The Hub is dedicated to ensuring the safety of frontline activists and organizations and ensuring their ability to operate freely in the current political climate, and responding to threats to freedom of expression and speech.
FakeReporter (through Mehazkim)
FakeReporter monitors social media and messaging applications for hate speech, incitement, and disinformation and has helped ban extremists from such platforms. The organization also assists organizations and individuals who were attacked on social media.
Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF)
HRDF provides legal aid to human rights defenders, including nonviolent protesters against the occupation, Bedouin citizens, LGBTQ activists, and Ethiopian Israelis. Over the past year, NIF has also supported HRDF’s dedicated legal counsel to activists working in the occupied territories.
Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality (NCF)
Freedom of Protest Coordinator
NCF supports cultural, educational, and social activities that promote cooperation between the Jewish and Bedouin populations in the Negev. The grant supports NCF’s Freedom of Protest Coordinator in the south, who provides support for activists for Bedouin rights.
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI)
Project to Reduce Police Violence at Demonstrations
PCATI works to protect all citizens and residents, in Israel and in the occupied territories, from torture and ill-treatment at the hands of Israeli law enforcement authorities. The grant supports PCATI‘s Project to Reduce Police Violence at Demonstrations, which works to enhance and safeguard freedom of protest through legal action, advocacy, dissemination of information, and training.
Cultivating Leaders & Leadership Networks
The Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP)
Qadaya Project
ACAP represents the needs and interests of Arab citizens of Israel on issues of planning, land, housing, and development. The grant supports Qadaya, a project which cultivates a new generation of Palestinian-Israeli leaders.
HaMigdalor / The Lighthouse (through Drachim Education Center)
The grant supports a joint project between HaMigdalor and IDEA: The Center for Liberal Democracy, which promotes progressive values through educational programs on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, democracy, social justice, and equality. HaMigdalor focuses particularly on informal educational frameworks for youth such as pre-military academies.
The Heschel Center for Sustainability & Makom L’Shinui
Partnership Project
The Heschel Center works to develop and implement its vision of sustainability: a just and cohesive society, a robust and democratic economy, and a healthy and productive environment for all residents. The grant supports a project that brings together NGO representatives to develop cross-sector cooperation and strategic thinking in the fields of human rights and democracy.
IDEA: The Center for Liberal Democracy
IDEA works cultivate a network of leaders, including high-profile artists, senior officials in corporations, NGOs, government offices, the media, and cultural institutions. IDEA’s primary goal is promoting liberal democratic values and issues, creating a shared language and vision for the pro-democracy movement, and developing the infrastucture that reflects these values and vision.
The Nazareth Nurseries Institute – Al-Tufula Center
Leadership Development for Arab Youth
The Nazareth Nurseries Institute – Al-Tufula Center works to support and empower women and youth within Israel’s Palestinian communities. The grant supports a two-year pilot project to cultivate young, progressive Palestinian-Israeli leaders through three cohorts in Nazareth, Sakhnin, and the Negev.
The New Haredim / Tzibur Haredi Mamlachti (through Yad Levi Eshkol)
The New Haredim consists of ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) community members with a progressive outlook who work to enhance women’s rights and promote core curriculum and higher education within their community. New Haredim also cultivates a network of Haredi activists.
Formulating New Ideas & Policies
Adva Center
Adva Center is a policy center producing critical analyses of public policy from the perspective of equality and social justice.
Berl Katznelson Foundation
The Berl Katznelson Foundation strengthens progressive forces in Israel through the development of vision, policy, and leadership, creation of comprehensive progressive educational curricula, and the operation of diverse educational and training programs. In addition, BKF seeks to implement its policies through direct work with politicians.
The Forum for Regional Thinking
The Forum for Regional Thinking enriches Israeli public discourse by offering fresh perspectives on the Middle East that diverge from the usual security-driven approach. It also provides educational content to pre-military academies.
Mitvim: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies
Mitvim promotes new paradigms for Israel’s foreign policies, enhances Israel’s regional belonging, and advances Israeli-Arab peace.
Zulat – Equality and Human Rights
Zulat advances civil and human rights in Israel and strengthens the progressive camp through a combination of advocacy, media work, and coalition-building.
Strengthening Grassroots Movements & Campaigns
Citizens’ HQ (through Mehazkim and the Israeli Democratic Bloc)
The Citizens’ Headquarters is a coalition of organizations working to counter right-wing attacks on civil society, promote Jewish-Arab political partnership, and conduct media campaigns for progressive issues. The grant supports two of the HQ’s members, the Democratic Bloc and Mehazkim. The Democratic Bloc manages the HQ’s campaigns, media relations, and research. Mehazkim leads the HQ’s digital efforts.
Mehazkim is a progressive digital movement working to promote the values, ideas, and solutions of the Israeli left via social media and other digital campaigns.
Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an)
Standing Together organizes Jews and Arabs, locally and nationally throughout Israel, around campaigns for peace, equality, and social justice, in order to build power and transform Israeli society.
Tzedek Centers
Tzedek Centers is a progressive grassroots initiative to establish community centers and engage around social justice, run by graduates of the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement.
Zazim – Community Action
Zazim mobilizes a base of Israelis to take action through online campaigns on the most pressing issues facing Israeli society.
Strengthening Palestinian-Israeli Society
The Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education – Israel (Hirak)
The Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education works to level the playing field in education by giving the Palestinian-Israeli sector a greater say in determining education policy in Israel. Additionally, it strives to combat and reduce violence within schools in Arab communities.
The National Committee for Heads of Arab Local Authorities (NCHALA)
Implementation of Government Resolution 550 (the follow-up plan to GR 922)
NCHALA advocates for Palestinians in Israel vis-à-vis legal status, planning, economic strategies, social development, educational vision, self-determination, and culture. The grant supports work to advance the implementation of Government Resolution 550, a multibillion-dollar government plan to boost Arab socio-economic development. Through the project, NCHALA works to ensure equitable national budgetary allocations to Palestinian-Israeli local councils and municipalities and to assist them in accessing funds allocated by the government.
Tishreen: A Culture Reviving Association – Taybeh
Tishreen promotes grassroots civic activism by and for the region’s Arab citizens and strengthens civil society in Taybeh and the Triangle region.
Combating Crime & Violence in Palestinian-Israeli Society
The National Committee for Heads of Arab Local Authorities (NCHALA)
Combating Crime and Violence Project
NCHALA advocates for Palestinian citizens of Israel vis-à-vis legal status, planning, economic strategies, social development, educational vision, self-determination, and culture. The grant supports NCHALA’s initiative to reduce violence and crime in the Arab community, including its work with government bodies on this burning issue.
Promoting Shared Society
The Abraham Initiatives
The Abraham Initiatives works to close the gaps between Jewish and Arab Israelis via advocacy, practice-based research, and policy development.
The Alliance for Israel’s Future
The Alliance for Israel’s Future works to create a network of Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli leaders through joint learning and projects.
Givat Haviva – Havazelet Cultural & Educational Institutions
Givat Haviva works to build an inclusive, socially cohesive society in Israel by engaging divided communities in collective action towards a shared society based on mutual responsibility, civic equality, and a common vision of the future.
Have You Seen the Horizon Lately
Have You Seen the Horizon Lately promotes public legitimacy for the participation of Palestinian-Israelis in political life and leadership through advocacy, media work, and events.
I’lam: Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development and Research
Promoting Hiring of Arab Journalists by Hebrew-Language Media
I’lam supports advocacy efforts to ensure Palestinian citizens’ participation in and utilization of the mass media as a tool to promote equality. The grant supports a project to encourage Hebrew-language media outlets promote to hire Arab journalists.
Sikkuy-Aufoq: For a Shared and Equal Society
Sikkuy-Aufoq is a shared organization of Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli citizens, working to implement full equality between the two communities.
Strengthening Anti-Racism Initiatives & Organizations
AMRAM promotes Mizrahi culture and heritage, fights racism and discrimination against Mizrahim and advocates for the State to recognize and take responsibility for its role in the Yemenite Children affair (alleged kidnappings of children from Yemenite immigrants which took place in Israel’s early years.)
Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ)
AEJ advocates vis-à-vis the government to fight racism and discrimination against the Ethiopian-Israeli community.
IRAC: Israel Religious Action Center (through Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism)
Racism Crisis Center
IRAC advances religious diversity and defends freedom of religion in Israeli society, and works to create a broadly inclusive Israeli democracy based on the principles of social justice and equality. The grant supports IRAC’s Racism Crisis Center, which provides support for victims of discrimination and hate crimes, collects data on racism, and raises awareness of this issue.
Tag Meir (through 12 Heshvan)
A coalition comprising over 50 organizations from across the religious-secular spectrum, Tag Meir works to combat “price-tag” (retribution) attacks and hate crimes against Palestinians.
Tebeka – Equality & Justice for Ethiopian Israelis
Tebeka advances the rights of Ethiopian-Israelis by providing free legal services, facilitating their integration within Israeli society, and cultivating a new generation of leaders and legal scholars.
Fighting the Occupation
Breaking the Silence
Breaking the Silence collects and publishes soldiers’ testimonies in order to raise public awareness of the consequences of the occupation on both Palestinians and Israelis.
Emek Shaveh
Emek Shaveh works to defend cultural heritage rights and to protect ancient sites as public assets and to oppose the use of archaeological sites to dispossess disenfranchised communities.
HaMigdalor / The Lighthouse: Educational Series on the Occupation and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (through Drachim Education Center)
The grant supports the creation and promotion of a dedicated, comprehensive educational program on the occupation and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, within Hamigdalor’s general work to promote progressive values. The program is tailored to pre-military academies and other educational frameworks for young people.
Ir Amim
Ir Amim works to render Jerusalem a more equitable and sustainable city for Israeli and Palestinian residents and to help secure a negotiated resolution on the city. It strives to achieve its mission through reporting, advocacy, and public education, aimed at re-orienting the public discourse.
MachsomWatch: Women for Human Rights and Against the Occupation
MachsomWatch monitors IDF checkpoints in the West Bank and educates the Israeli public about the effects of the occupation.
Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) & Combatants for Peace
Joint Memorial Day Ceremony
A joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of families who have lost loved ones in the conflict, PCFF promotes reconciliation and an end to the conflict. CfP brings together Palestinians and Israelis who have taken an active part in the cycle of violence to build the social infrastructure for ending the conflict and the occupation.
The grant supports the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Memorial Day ceremony, which features bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families committed to dialogue, reconciliation, and nonviolence. 
Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI)
PHRI provides medical services to disempowered populations and works to effect policy change with regard to human rights and the right to health care. Its work focuses on Palestinians in the occupied territories, incarcerated people, asylum seekers, and other residents of Israel.
Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights
Yesh Din seeks to protect human rights in the occupied territories by collecting and disseminating information and through legal advocacy and public outreach.
Advancing Equity in Land, Planning & Housing
Alsirag: Regional Council for Unrecognized Negev Arab Villages (RCUV)
RCUV advocates for recognition of unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev and services for residents, and empowers leaders of these villages to become their own advocates.
The Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP)
Increasing the Housing Supply in Arab Localities
ACAP represents the needs and interests of Palestinian citizens of Israel on issues of planning, land, housing, and development. The grant supports ACAP’s work to increase the housing supply in Arab localities.
Our Natural Resources: The Association for Distributive Justice
The Association for Distributive Justice promotes the just distribution of public resources in Israel through monitoring governmental activities, advocacy efforts, and legal petitions.
Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights
Promoting Services and Recognition for the Unrecognized Bedouin Villages in the Negev
Bimkom strengthens democracy and human rights in the field of planning and housing policies in Israel and Area C of the West Bank. The grant supports Bimkom’s work to promote services and recognition for the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev.
The Public Housing Forum (through the Forum for Immigrant Families in the North)
The Public Housing Forum promotes the quality of public housing in Israel by working to increase the availability of public housing, expand eligibility criteria, and advocate for the fair treatment of its tenants.
Advancing Gender Equality
Achoti (Sister) for Women in Israel
Achoti, a Mizrahi feminist movement, strengthens the voices of women from marginalized communities, including women of Mizrahi, Ethiopian, and Palestinian origin.
The Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel
Joint Lobbyist for LGBTQ Issues
The Aguda strives to improve the LGBTQ community’s standing and to achieve equal rights and security. The grant supports a lobbyist working in coordination with 15 LGBTQ organizations to advance the rights of this community in Israel and to present a unified voice on issues affecting the community.
Israel Women’s Network (IWN)
IWN advances gender equality and women’s rights, and raises public awareness of these issues while advancing reform in policy and legislation.
Kayan – Feminist Organization
Kayan works to address the root causes of gender-based discrimination, defend and promote the rights of Palestinian women in Israel, and ensure their integration in decision-making positions.
Women Against Violence (WAV)
WAV works to advance the rights of Palestinian-Israeli women, expand their influence on centers of power, and combat gender-based violence.
Advancing Religious Freedom & Fighting Religious Extremism
Be Free Israel (Israel Hofsheet)
Be Free Israel advocates for an Israel that practices cultural and religious pluralism, protects civil rights, and upholds the principles of democracy.
IRAC: Israel Religious Action Center (through Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism)
IRAC advances religious diversity, defends freedom of religion, and works to create a broadly inclusive Israeli democracy based on the principles of social justice and equality.

2023 Rapid Response Grants

Democratic Pushback: Emergency Action Plan
The Abraham Initiatives – for work on a program to promote anti-racism education in Israeli high schools and to increase familiarity between Jewish and Arab high school students. $19,000
aChord Center – to fund research about effective messaging to recruit more people to protests against the government’s policies. $50,000
Adva Center – for a joint project with the Abraham Initiatives and the Citizens’ HQ to highlight the negative impact of state funding for “Garin Torani” communities – religious nationalist groups whose controversial initiatives goals include settling in Arab neighborhoods in mixed cities in order to strengthen the city’s “Jewish presence”. $30,000
The Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel – to support a protest by the LGBTQ community outside the government compound in Tel Aviv on the day the new government was installed. $10,000
Anti-Occupation Bloc – for producing and distributing materials for the bloc and the organizations that are part of it, including new grassroots groups of young people that are injecting new energy into the bloc’s efforts, such as the Radical Bloc and Youth Against the Occupation. $26,500
Anti-Occupation Bloc – to increase visibility for the anti-occupation campaign within the larger pro-democracy protests. $14,500
ASSAF – Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel – for an extensive and coordinated public campaign to protect the refugee communities in Israel, organized by six organizations: Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Physicians for Human Rights Israel, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, the African Refugee Development Center, HIAS, and ASSAF.


Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) – for work to raise public awareness about the full array of threats to democracy posed by the new government. $20,000
Be Free Israel – for a conference with former Prime Minister Yair Lapid, lawmakers, and local authority heads to bolster the pro-democracy movement and promote liberal values on the local level as a counterbalance to the new government and its extremist agenda. $10,000
Berl Katznelson Foundation – to establish a “Public Education Guard” (with IDEA and Givat Haviva) to defend liberal social values within the public education system. $20,000
Citizens’ HQ – for operating a situation room that coordinates effective civil society resistance to anti-democratic measures advanced by the government, with the aim of channeling the public energy into the greater pro-democracy movement in Israel. $25,000
Drachim Education Center – for a seminar for participants of pre-military programs (mechinot) to learn about liberal democracy and the current threats to Israeli democracy. $20,000
Enhancing Communal Resilience of Palestinians in Mixed Cities – to promote grassroots organizing in five mixed cities to push back against the government’s policies, organize and enhance community solidarity in the event of a crisis, and to spearhead an operational plan with partners in those towns. $30,000
Forum for Regional Thinking (FORTH) – for a pilot program to train left-wing activists from right-wing religious backgrounds to deliver lectures about the conflict at pre-military academies and other educational programs for young adults. $10,500
Gun Free Kitchen Tables – for a campaign against increasing the number of firearms in civilian hands, as called for by ministers in the government. Gun Free Kitchen Tables, a coalition anchored in the Woman to Woman Feminist Center, is working to intensify public criticism of the arming of citizens, raising awareness of the dangers it would pose, and challenging the widespread identification of guns with security. ($ $37,500
Hasmol Ha’emuni/The Faithful Left (through the Alliance for Israel’s Future) – to expand the public and educational activities of this group of pro-democracy progressives from the religious Zionist and ultra-Orthodox communities. With support from an NIF grant, the group held an inaugural conference attended by some 700 people. $30,000
Hoshen (an LGBTQ education and advocacy organization) – for a media campaign and lobbying efforts in support of education for LGBTQ tolerance, in response to the government’s extremist agenda and potential budget cuts to LGBTQ tolerance education. $15,000
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants – to expand the organization’s legal staff and to hire part-time lawyers for four months to deal with arrests following violent clashes between Eritrean asylum seekers and Israeli police in early September. $5,000
Human Rights Defenders Fund – for legal representation in three different SLAPP suits against activists, specifically Free Jerusalem activists, who raise awareness about Israeli policies in East Jerusalem; Yair Nehorai, who has been targeted by the pre-military academy in Eli and its head rabbi, Eli Sadan, for leaking racist and illiberal remarks made at the institution; and Mothers Against Violence activist Ketty Bar, who is the subject of a suit by right-wing activist Shai Glick over use of his photo on the group’s website. $17,225
I’lam: Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development and Research – for a campaign featuring influential Arab attorneys that will link the judicial “reform” with the limiting of freedoms for Arab citizens of Israel, and to raise awareness about how the government’s agenda will further violate human rights in the territories. $36,000
Ideational Center for Liberal Democracy (IDEA) – to establish a “war room” to map out and coordinate responses to threats against Israeli democracy from the incoming government. $20,000
Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance – to support the Jerusalem Pride parade and garner the largest turnout to date, in response to the government’s anti-democratic and anti-LGBTQ measures and rhetoric. $8,000
The Jurists’ Forum (through BaShaar – Academic Community for Israeli Society) – to expand the activities of a forum of legal experts who have published position papers and given lectures on the government’s harmful legislation and its ramifications for Israeli society and democracy. The forum is run by volunteers and this grant was to help it hire two coordinators for ongoing work. $30,000
Kahanism, Racism, and Homophobia: Not in Our School! – to support and expand parent-led protest groups fighting against extremism and racism in Israeli schools by helping them set up a mini-site to coordinate activities and strengthen ties with teachers and principals. $20,000
Let’s Talk – for this new project, started in February 2023, in response to the formation of the new government and its proposed legislation. The project aims to strengthen support for liberal democracy among “soft-right” voters. Trained volunteers at stands located around the country engage secular Israelis in traditionally right-wing locales in conversations about liberal democracy and the judicial overhaul. $2,700
Life and Environment – to create a headquarters that will coordinate environmental groups’ opposition to the new government’s retrogressive legislative agenda. $20,000
Mehazkim – for legal representation for Mehazkim and two activists being sued by Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s Chief of Staff Hanamel Dorfman for sharing information, based on a Channel 13 news piece which revealed the link between Dorfman and a right-wing organization that raises funds for Jewish terrorists. $15,000
Mehazkim – to bolster the organization’s capacity to supply logistical support and graphic design for protests, especially those outside of Tel Aviv; and to support a forum of the dozens of groups taking part in the protests, coordinated by Mehazkim and Shatil. $20,000
Merima (the alumni movement of IGY–Israel Gay Youth) – to encourage 20- to 30-year-old members of the LGBTQ community to engage in activism relevant to their community and connect it to the broader pro-democracy protests. $20,000
Mitvim: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies – for writing and translating into English articles and policy papers on the government’s policies in the occupied territories and its measures to restrict the democratic space in Israel, and for establishing an international network of organizations to support liberal democracy. $20,000
Negev Council – to establish a forum of Jewish and Palestinian Israeli local authority heads that will promote cooperation among the local authorities in the long term and help quell violence in the event of a crisis in the short term. $30,000
Nivcharot – for a new project to bring ultra-Orthodox women before Knesset committee hearings related to women’s rights and issues. The rights of religious women, in particular, are at risk given the increased power of the ultra-Orthodox parties and the plan to increase the power of rabbinical courts. $10,000
Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an) – to work with more than 30 organizations to organize a protest in Tel Aviv in January under the banner “This Is Everyone’s Home.” The demonstration was attended by more than 130,000 Israelis. $20,000
Parents Circle – Families Forum – to help the organization push back against the right-wing smear campaign against it, which resulted in an Education Ministry decision to ban the group from appearing at schools. The grant partially covers the salary of a new media and PR department director. $30,000
Rabbis for Human Rights – to support a protest in Be’er Sheva against the government’s proposed judicial overhaul and in support of Jewish-Arab partnership in the Negev. $3,825
Strengthening the Liberal Russian-Speaking Camp – to support a grassroots group of Russian-speakers who oppose the judicial overhaul, thereby strengthening the larger liberal camp. $30,000
Stretching the Line – for an event initiated by faculty at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design that highlighted the direct link between democracy and artistic freedom. $10,000
Tag Meir – for a protest outside the Public Security Ministry the day after the Knesset was sworn in and Itamar Ben-Gvir was installed as Minister of National Security. $6,000
What Yes –in seed funding for a project to formulate policy proposals to advance the principles of equality and democracy, which can serve as the basis for the vision of the democratic camp in Israel. $50,000
Women Against Violence – for an International Women’s Day campaign that highlights how the current government’s policies detrimentally affect women’s rights, especially for Palestinian-Israeli women. $29,000
Women Against Violence – to support a coalition of organizations leading a campaign to encourage the presence of Palestinian-Israeli women in the public sphere within their communities, and to encourage them to run as candidates in local elections. $15,000
Women’s Protest – to organize a demonstration by women’s groups against the government’s retrogressive agenda vis-à-vis women’s rights, and to encourage more women to join the protest movement. $10,000
Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights, ACRI, Breaking the Silence & Ofek: The Israeli Center for Public Affairs – for a joint project that involves writing and distributing policy papers that analyze bills, structural changes, and government and security cabinet decisions that advance annexation, as well as translating relevant Knesset bills and government decisions. $6,270
Emergency Safety Net: Rapid Response Grants Post October 7
Humanitarian Aid
Alsirag: Regional Council for Unrecognized Negev Arab Villages – for humanitarian aid, including water tanks, food, and first aid kits. $100,000
ASSAF – Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel – to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the refugee community in Israel. $23,000
The Democratic Voice – for research to be used for a campaign calling for the release of hostages held by Hamas. $12,500
Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children – for an emergency program to support and provide basic needs for undocumented children of asylum seekers and their families during the war. $6,700
Hareshet – to establish a center that works with university law clinics to help residents of southern Israel secure government benefits to which they are entitled. $52,000
Hechalutz – to support the organization’s volunteer emergency response efforts. Through Oranim College, Hechalutz runs a civil service gap-year program in the south and in the kibbutzim in that area. The organization, with its 100 staff members and 500 volunteers in premilitary and youth programs, redirected itself entirely to emergency volunteer work. $20,000
Hostages and Missing Families Forum – to support the efforts of families with loved ones being held captive to bring them home. $235,000
Humanitarian aid for evacuees – for hotel accommodations for displaced Israelis from Ofakim. $50,000
Itach-Ma’aki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice – to provide psychological and legal support for and distribute educational kits to children in unrecognized Bedouin villages. $50,000
Jerusalem African Community Center – to help the organization – the only one assisting African refugees and asylum seekers in Jerusalem – provide mental health support and humanitarian aid to that community. $20,000
Kafa for Social Change in the Negev – to provide humanitarian aid for 300 families in the Bedouin-majority city of Rahat. $25,000
Kav LaOved – Worker’s Hotline – for a project to assist migrant agricultural workers, Palestinian citizens of Israel, and residents of East Jerusalem impacted by the war, including addressing discrimination at workplaces or by employers. $33,750
The Kibbutz Movement – to cover four full-time positions that will support families from the kibbutzim near the Gaza border. $75,000
Lana Association – to support people with special needs and disabilities in Bedouin society during the war. $25,000
The Nazareth Nurseries Institute – Al-Tufula Center – for 2,000 kits with materials to provide psychological and educational support to Bedouin children in the Negev. $62,000
Negev Council – for humanitarian assistance for families evacuated to the Negev. $30,000
Negev Refugee Center – to provide mental-health care for African asylum seekers in the Negev. $5,340
Physicians for Human Rights Israel – to support the emergency efforts of PHRI in responding to medical and health-care needs related to the war. $20,000
The Shahaf Foundation – to help local authorities in the south fulfill their responsibilities toward displaced Israelis, identify needs that are not being met, and advocate for the allocation of municipal resources to address them. $125,000
Shovrot Kirot (Breaking Walls) – for a project to advocate for fair socioeconomic policies for residents of Ofakim, Ashkelon, Sderot and the western Negev, who have been severely impacted by the Hamas attacks and the war. $42,000
Tzedek Centers and Hashomer Hatzair – to provide humanitarian aid to families and communities who have been displaced or relocated from southern Israel and Gaza border towns. $125,000
Safeguarding Human and Civil Rights
Breaking the Silence – to support cybersecurity for staff; transportation to the south Hebron hills for humanitarian and educational work; and the creation of materials with soldier testimonies for educational/media/advocacy work. $23,400
Civil Society Protection Hub – for a project called “Proactive Strike Back,” which aims to defend civil society activists through opposition research and proactive legal action against right-wing instigators and extremists. $50,000
FakeReporter – to support the organization’s efforts to 1) monitor, research, prevent incitement, and expose disinformation and misinformation online and 2) cover mental health support for staff that has been exposed to disturbing war-related content online since October 7. $42,000
Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education – to provide resources to ensure no child is left behind education-wise; provide educational staff with tools for the crisis; and protect students’ freedom of speech. $25,000
Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement – to protect the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza during the war, including advocating for the entry of humanitarian aid and fuel; publishing updates about evacuation orders and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza; and providing legal aid for workers from Gaza who were detained or stranded in Israel after October 7. $20,000
HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual – to increase the organization’s capacity to provide legal aid for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip amid the war. $25,000
Israel Women’s Network – to establish the Women’s Rights Response Center to provide free legal consultation about employee rights, protect individual rights, and lobby for pro-women policies. $50,000
The Palestinian Hub – to establish a coalition of civil society organizations to address emergencies in Palestinian society in Israel. The coalition was created with an NIF grant in early 2023 to contend with the policies of the far-right government, and has gone on to address the specific needs of that community during wartime as well. $200,000
Bolstering Jewish-Arab Relations
aChord Center – for research to help guide organizations, including members of the Shared Society Forum, in their work and campaigns to decrease tensions between Jews and Arabs. $150,000
AJEEC-NISPED (Arab-Jewish Center for Empowerment, Equality and Cooperation) – for a campaign called “Stopping the Incitement,” entailing videos and shared society work, to thwart tensions between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. $100,000
Givat Haviva – The Center for a Shared Society – to support shared society programs in the aftermath of October 7 with the goal of reducing tensions between Arabs and Jews in Israel. $100,000
Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? and Qadaya – for grants to 1) support campaigns – one targeting Jewish Israelis and one targeting Palestinian citizens – to affirm messages of solidarity and decrease tensions between Jews and Arabs and 2) produce videos featuring candid interviews with Palestinian citizens of Israel that highlight their unique concerns, such as threatening rhetoric from extremist politicians and curtailed freedom of speech. $100,000
I’lam: Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel – for a new project with NIF grantee FakeReporter to prevent escalation of Jewish-Arab violence by identifying fake news in Arabic-language media; combating online incitement; getting Arab journalists and experts interviewed in Hebrew-language media; and safeguarding Arab journalists’ freedom of expression. $25,000
Mehazkim – to help the organization reinforce public messages of shared society and Jewish-Arab partnership, mutual aid, advocating for the hostages’ release, and highlighting the resilience of civil society. $30,000
Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an) – to strengthen Arab-Jewish solidarity with an emphasis on mixed cities; provide aid to communities and people affected by the war; and amplify messages of peace and a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The grant supports the creation of 12 “solidarity groups” throughout the country that will advance these goals. $30,000
Rabbis for Human Rights – to sponsor four interfaith events during Chanukah. $7,500
Social Development Committee – Haifa – for this veteran organization to promote shared society in five mixed cities (Haifa, Lod, Jaffa, Ramle, and Acre) and to support grassroots Palestinian-Israeli groups in those areas. $50,000
Providing an Alternative Vision for the Future
aChord Center – for a research project that focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and aims to increase public support for a solution to the conflict using data-driven messaging. $100,000
Berl Katznelson Foundation – to produce a plan to deal with the economic implications of the war for Israel and a public campaign to promote the plan. $50,000
Citizens’ HQ/The Democratic Bloc – to support media training for interviewees who can present long-term solutions for ending the conflict through political means. $21,250
“The Day After the War” Forum – to support and expand the activities of a group of academics (from the fields of Middle East studies, law, and social sciences) that was established after October 7 to advance a political plan for when the war ends. $30,000
The Forum for Regional Thinking – to produce a biweekly Hebrew publication that analyzes developments in the Middle East, Israeli-Palestinian relations, and the public and professional discourse on these topics in Israel, and challenges the views that dominate the Israeli public discourse. $30,000
Mitvim: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies and Berl Katznelson Foundation – to convene a joint team of experts to provide opposition lawmakers and public-opinion shapers with political analyses and strategic alternatives, as well as proposals for after the war. $43,500
Sikkuy-Aufoq: For a Shared and Equal Society – to employ a consultant to advocate to the Knesset Finance Committee against cutting budgets for Arab/Palestinian society. $8,000
Social Economic Academy – for graduates of the academy to assist the Interior Ministry on assignments related to socioeconomic and welfare policies, with the goal of forging longer term cooperation between SEA and the ministry and thus influencing policy. $30,000
What Yes – for a project to formulate policy proposals and a vision for the democratic camp in Israel that are based on equality and democracy. $100,000
Achoti (Sister) for Women in Israel – to support a “Peace Patrol,” a group of volunteers working in south Tel Aviv neighborhoods to increase social solidarity and residents’ sense of security. $20,000
Hechalutz – to help the organization with its ongoing work to develop progressive leadership and promotes civic engagement and responsibility. $50,000
Mothers Against Violence – for the “Mothers for Mothers” solidarity project with the village of Masafer Yatta in the West Bank. The project includes 10 humanitarian visits, the distribution of 500 kits with guidance on coping mechanisms for stress, telephone support in Arabic, and a children’s activity center supervised by local teens. $10,000
Public Housing Forum – to support the rights of public-housing tenants and those who lack permanent housing due to the war. $9,800
Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights – to hire an acting executive director to take on the responsibilities of the organization’s executive director who took leave after 10/7 when her community in Kfar Aza was attacked. $21,000
Other Rapid Response Grants
The Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel –for a demonstration in Tel Aviv to mark the 35th anniversary of the legalization of same-sex relations in Israel and to emphasize that the LGBTQ community cannot have rights or equality without a strong and independent judiciary. $10,000
Combatants for Peace –for the joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day ceremony, which took place in person for the first time since the pandemic. $50,000
Free Jerusalem –to support a series of protest actions by the grassroots activist group Free Jerusalem in coordination with other organizations and movements against the annual Jerusalem Day Flag March, which often results in violence and vandalism by right-wing extremists. $8,000
Haqel: Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights –to increase monitoring, legal aid, and advocacy for Palestinian residents, particularly in the South Hebron Hills, Bethlehem area, and the northern West Bank, in response to increased settler violence. $20,000
Human Rights Defenders Fund –to provide legal counsel to the independent ultra-Orthodox journalist Israel Frey when he was targeted with a SLAPP suit. A well-known Kahanist backed by the right-wing organization Honenu sued Frey, alleging that he was defamed when Frey posted a video of him threatening a soldier during a campaign to erect a settlement outpost. $5,000
Israel Women’s Network –for an online campaign and billboards in several Israeli cities calling attention to the erasure of women from the public sphere. $13,000
Joint International Lobbying Coordinator in Brussels –to employ an international lobbying coordinator, shared by 12 NGOs, which will focus on Palestinian human rights and fighting the occupation. $24,000
Keshet NGO – Mitzpe Ramon –to support Gay Pride parades in the southern cities of Mitzpe Ramon and Be’er Sheva. $6,000
LEAP (Legal Aid for Palestinians) (through the Center for Advancement of Peace Initiatives) –to fund legal aid for Palestinian residents of Huwara who were injured during the violent settler rampage in February 2023. $15,000
March of the Dead –to provide transportation for Arab/Palestinian citizens of Israel to attend a major demonstration in Tel Aviv against the soaring crime and violence in their communities. The protest, which featured 140 coffins, drew thousands of attendees and garnered a great deal of media attention. $3,000
Mizrahi Civic Collective –to hire paid staff members for this group that strengthens the pro-democracy voices in Mizrahi communities. The goal is to consolidate and build on the group’s activities, grow its circle of supporters, and increase its visibility and countrywide influence. $30,000
Mothers Against Violence –to support the group’s humanitarian missions to Masafer Yatta, whose residents are being threatened with expulsion. $10,000
National Committee for Heads of Arab Local Authorities (NCHALA) –for a campaign (called “We Want to Live”) to confront the unprecedented violent crime in Arab communities, mobilize the Jewish Israeli public as allies, and support bereaved families who have lost loved ones to the violence. $50,000
Negev Media –to develop a long-term project to change the perception of Negev Bedouin in mainstream Israeli media and among the Jewish Israeli public. The project will entail crafting more balanced narratives about the Bedouin community and training professionals and volunteers to work with the media and convey a more nuanced understanding of Negev Bedouin. $50,000
Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an) –for a solidarity visit to the Palestinian village of Huwara and a public campaign, including billboards and demonstrations around the country, following the violent Israeli settler rampage there. $20,000
Peace Now –to support the organization, which works to raise awareness about the occupation and settlement expansion and strive toward a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. $30,000
Rabbis for Human Rights –to support Israeli volunteers traveling to the West Bank to help Palestinians safely harvest their olives free from settler harassment and violence. $20,000
Tzedek Centers –for an initiative ahead of Ramadan/Passover/Easter 2023 called “Guardians of Shared Society—Hopeful Events for the Month of March,” to turn the holiday season from a time of friction to a catalyst for Jewish-Arab partnership and solidarity. To achieve this, Tzedek Centers set up a platform for organizations to create dozens of events that promote Jewish-Arab partnership. $50,000

2023 Donor Advised Grants

Donor Advised Grants
15 Minutes – Public Transport Alliance in Israel $42,763
972 – Advancement of Citizen Journalism $466,626
Abraham Initiatives $626
aChord Center (through Hebrew University) $265,000
Achoti (Sister) for Women in Israel $30,000
Achva BaKerem $12,252
Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel $77,998
Adva Center $200,000
African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) $70,694
African Students Organization in Israel $6,100
Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel $22,000
AJEEC-NISPED (Arab-Jewish Center for Empowerment, Equality and Cooperation) $36,352
Akevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research $22,605
Alliance for Israel’s Future (Shutafut) $31,926
Alsirag: Regional Council for Unrecognized Negev Arab Villages $154,000
AMAL: Spoken Arabic for All $40,000
Amuta Le-Kidum Hasport Hameshutaf in Mevaseret Tzion and Abu-Gosh $2,300
Amutah Moshe Hess $60,000
Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP) $252,222
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies $242,363
ASLI – Israel White Ribbon Organization $14,490
ASSAF – Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel $115,712
Association For Civil Rights In Israel (ACRI) $447,206
Association for Promoting Education in the Arab Society $5,000
Association for the Improvement of Women’s Status, Lakia $81,032
Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ) $5,475
Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel $5,800
Association to Promote Culture and Education in Kfar Yehezkiel $36,076
Atid Bamidbar $450
ATZUM Justice Works $10,000
Baladna – Association for Arab Youth $35,000
Bat Kol – Queer Jewish Women $16,056
Be Free Israel (Israel Hofsheet) $68,852
Be’er-Sheva Foundation $4,000
Beit Berl College $20,000
Beit Ha’Gefen – Arab-Jewish Cultural Center $700
Berl Katznelson Center $202,000
Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights $185,006
Bina: The Jewish Movement for Social Change $82,750
Bizchut: The Israel Human Rights Center for People with Disabilities $17,500
Bnei Khawalid $100,000
Bokra Guida $26,000
Breaking the Silence (Shovrim Shtika) $431,778
B’Tselem: The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories $795,968
CallActivit – Platform for Black Art and Culture $75,000
CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo $94,251
Center for Advancement of Peace Initiatives $32,430
Center for Women’s Justice $187
Challenge: An Organization for Critical and Integrative Strategy and for Inclusively Addressing Social Conflicts $20,872
Citizens Build a Community $100,000
Citizens for the Environment $600
Coast Patrol $5,195
Combatants for Peace $21,790
Comet-ME $34,300
CoPro – The Israeli Content Marketing Foundation $20,000
Counseling Center for Women $10,000
Democratic Voice $239,375
Desert Stars $25,000
Drachim Education Center $20,000
EcoPeace Middle East $6,993
Eldar Barnir Foundation $25,000
Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children $61,704
Emek Shaveh $20,926
Eretz-Ir $160,071
Etgarim: Israel Outdoor Sports and Recreation $500
FakeReporter $62,219
Fidel Association $53,410
Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education – Israel (Hirak) $50,000
Forum for Regional Thinking $3,000
Freddie Krivine Foundation $1,000
Freedom Farm $3,900
Friends By Nature – Community Empowerment $19,084
Friends of Open House in Ramle $6,900
Fund for Social Involvement in Memory of Yehuda Tribitch $141,000
Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement $110,135
Givat Haviva – The Center for a Shared Society $86,400
Green Course (Megama Yeruka) $60,028
Guardians of the Dead Sea $2,740
Hagar – The Affordable Housing Center (through Tel Aviv University) $6,127
Hagar: Jewish-Arab Education for Equality $133,050
Haifa Women’s Crisis Center $5,000
Hamoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual $242,686
Hand In Hand: Center For Jewish-Arab Education In Israel $106,013
Haokets $2,000
Haqel: Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights $11,500
Hashomer Hatzair World Movement $81,165
Have You Seen The Horizon Lately $408,353
Havruta – Religious Gay Community $78,900
Hiddush: For Religious Freedom and Equality $3,000
Hillel: The Right to Choose $19,541
Hoshen – Education and Change $25,000
Hostages and Missing Families Forum $327,732
Hotline for Refugees and Migrants $192,484
Human Rights Defenders Fund (HRDF) $127,806
Humans Without Borders $28,000
IDEA: The Center for Liberal Democracy $76,379
IGY – The Proud Youth Organization $60,082
I’lam: Arab Center for Media Freedom, Development and Research $37,500
INJAZ – Center for Professional Arab Local Governance $110,000
Interfaith Encounter Association $2,203
Ir Amim $175,445
IRAC: Israel Religious Action Center $41,492
Isha L’Isha: Haifa Feminist Center $38,908
Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) $615,000
Israel Social TV $45,000
Israel Story $5,163
Israel Women’s Network (IWN) $273,730
Israeli Center for Public Affairs (ICPA) $28,500
Israeli Democratic Bloc $140,532
Itach-Maaki: Women Lawyers for Social Justice $125,103
Jaffa Institute $5,000
Jaffa Theatre $9,822
Jerusalem African Community Center $44,736
Jerusalem Botanical Gardens $664
Jerusalem Cinematheque – Israel Film Archive $42,589
Jerusalem Green Fund $5,571
Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance $82,465
Jerusalem Youth Chorus $3,000
Jewish-Arab Community Center, Akko $18
Kafa for Social Change in the Negev $25,000
Katamon Moadon Ohadim $50,000
Kav LaOved – Worker’s Hotline $143,205
Kedma – For Social & Educational Justice in Israel $1,005,000
Kehilla: Center for Cooperative Learning $4,178
Keren Kagan $6,565
Keshet NGO – Mitzpe Ramon $2,300
Kol Zchut – All Rights $15,000
Krembo Wings $26,260
Kuchinate: African Refugee Women’s Collective $142,939
Kulna Yerushalayim $49,932
Lada’at – Choose Well $200
Lana – Education, Welfare and Health in Arab Society $25,000
Lana Omnia $5,000
Leaders of the Future $30,400
Leo Baeck Educational Center $3,000
Life and Environment $283,446
Lissan $100,000
Maavarim – Israeli Trans Community $180
Maayan Babustan / Ein Bustan $318
Mabat – Awareness in a Multicultural Society $79,723
MachsomWatch: Women for Human Rights and Against the Occupation $38,970
Madrasa – School for Arabic Language $30,000
Mahapach-Taghir $50,262
Makor Foundation for Israeli Films $25,000
Mandili $5,286
Maslan: The Negev’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Support Center $23,896
MATI Jerusalem Business Development Center $134,959
MEET – Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow $39,215
Mehazkim $53,450
Merkaz Hashachar – Kibbutz K’tura $11,461
Misholim Association $1,369
Mitvim: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies $242,819
Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy $3,000
Moona – A Space for Change $25,000
Mosdot Chinuch V’Tarboot – Brit Ha’Tenua Ha’Kibbutzit $75,000
Mossawa Center: The Advocacy Center for Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel $75,000
Movement for Freedom of Information $12,000
Naboth’s Vineyard (Kerem Navot) $10,000
National Committee for Heads of Arab Local Authorities (NCHALA) $270,250
National Council for the Child $8,395
Nazareth Nurseries Institute – Al-Tufula Center $102,390
Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality $70,275
Negev Media $10,000
New Fund for Cinema and Television $53,324
New Way $3,000
Nivcharot $35,000
Standing Together (Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an) $475,055
OMEP – Israel, Israel Association for the Young Child $27,517
Orchard of Abraham’s Children $13,390
Parents Against Child Detention (through PCATI) $28,036
Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) $51,174
Pelech School $2,000
Pesia’s Kitchen $20,000
Physicians for Human Rights Israel $336,996
Public Committee Against Torture (PCATI) $108,128
Qadita Community Association $18,000
Q Schools Network $20,000
Rabbis for Human Rights $81,614
Rabbis for Women $10,000
Rabbis for Tzohar $10,000
Rambam Health Care Campus $43,050
Rawabet: Home School Alliance $41,000
Rawaab – Association for the Advancement of Arab Women in Israel $20,500
Reut Institute $203,153
Revaya – Legal Help for the Needy $2,000
Revitalife $33,000
Room for Wellbeing $2,500
Rose of Jericho $33,217
Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel $99,800
Social Guard $2,000
Streets – Development, Empowerment, and Education for Youth in Sderot $21,000
Tebeka – Justice and Equality for Ethiopian Israelis $7,665
Tevel b’Tzedek – The Jewish Partnership for International Development $48,450
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) $649,047
The Association for Civil Rights of the LGBTQ Community in Israel $20,000
The Association for Ethiopian Jews $17,942
The Center for Emerging Futures $1,500
The Democratic School in Hadera $5,000
The Desert Stars (Tzviya Sariel Foundation) $17,252
The Freedom Theatre $3,245
The Galilee Society $60,000
The Green Environment Fund (through the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) $7,000
The Green Path $25,000
The Gulf War Veterans Association in Israel $80,000
The Haruv Institute – For Training, Research and Program Development in Child Abuse and Neglect $125,400
The House of Grace $5,000
The Israeli Association for Ethiopian Jews $3,500
The Israel Women’s Network $54,900
The Israeli Society for the Promotion of the Art of Animation $2,000
The Joint Council of Pre-Military Leadership Academies $10,000
The Merage Institute $15,000
The Museum of Islamic Art, Jerusalem $24,850
The Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures $33,000
The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot $25,000
The Museum of the Seam $7,000
The Nalaga’at Center $11,728
The Natural Step Israel $42,000
The United Work of Arab Students in Israel $6,000
The YaLa Young Leaders Program (Peres Center for Peace and Innovation) $70,170
Together Beyond Words – Israel/UK $3,140
Together We Empower $75,000
Tomcar Foundation $5,000
Tsofen – High Technology Centers for the Arab Community $70,000
UConnect $21,005
Ultra-Orthodox Community Fund $22,000
Unitaf – The Israeli Fund for At-Risk Children $16,028
Unistream $71,800
Ve’ahavta – The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee $11,019
Wadi Attir Project $10,000
Wadi el-Hindi $44,697
Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom $43,778
Welfare Association of Arab Students in Israel $19,192
Women’s Fund for Human Rights (MachsomWatch) $1,000
Women’s Spirit $100,000
Yad BeYad – For Israel’s Ethiopian Jews $54,000
Yad B’Yad – Jewish-Arab Education for Equality $64,229
Yad LaKashish – Lifeline for the Old $8,500
Yad Sarah $143,000
Yalla! for Israel $6,000
Yemin Orde Youth Village and High School $1,500
Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights $249,843
Yifat $5,000
Yisrael Hofshit $50,700
Yizre’el Valley College $50,000
Ymca West Jerusalem $45,000
Yom La’am (A Day to Learn) $61,509
Youth of the Galilee – Hararit $9,000
Yozmot Atid $5,000
YRF – Yerucham Renaissance Foundation $45,000
Zazim – Community Action $56,896
Zichron Menachem $20,000