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Values Driven. Donor Advised.

For 40 years, New Israel Fund has championed the vision of an Israel true to core human values of inclusiveness and justice. And despite great challenges, NIF has made progress — winning life-changing victories for human rights, civil society and equality across Israel.

Now NIF brings you a new, innovative way to make your values count: The Progressive Jewish Fund (PJF), a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) that offers important financial and philanthropic benefits, and a uniquely progressive values orientation. NIF’s PJF allows you to consolidate your support for a breadth of charities in both Israel and the U.S. in one convenient, efficient account, while providing meaningful support to NIF’s mission.

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Values Driven.

As the only national progressive Jewish DAF program,the Progressive Jewish Fund can connect your philanthropy with any organization consistent with NIF’s transparent, progressive Principles and Policies — whether Jewish or general, in the U.S. or Israel, and whether your favorite causes are dedicated to social change, humanitarian aid, education, youth, medical research, or countless other fields. And because a portion of your PJF account’s low management fees go towards accomplishing NIF’s mission, you’re able to help NIF build a more just and democratic Israel while meeting your charitable objectives.

NIF’s Progressive Jewish Fund aligns with your values and amplifies the voices of the progressive Jewish community. Every dollar you give accomplishes more than it could on its own. It makes a statement.

Donor Advised.

As with all donor advised fund programs, NIF’s Progressive Jewish Fund gives you the opportunity to centralize and streamline your charitable giving in one place. You can make a DAF contribution or addition at any time and receive the maximum tax deduction immediately. Then recommend grants at your leisure at any time in the future.

PJF’s easy-to-use online donor platform allows you to recommend grants anytime, anywhere; track your account and grant-making activity; recommend investments; and learn about organizations of particular interest whenever you like.

Along with these significant DAF advantages are NIF’s four decades of experience professionally managing assets, administering grants, and working with organizations worthy of support in Israel and the U.S.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • The Progressive Jewish Fund offers a way for anyone — Jewish or non-Jewish — to give to charities in the United States or in Israel easily and simply. It is the only national, progressive, Jewish donor advised fund in the US.
  • Low thresholds, high flexibility, maximum effect
  • PJF accounts can be funded with cash, stock or certain other appreciated assets.
  • Minimum initial contribution is $5,000.
  • Minimum grant amount is $100.
  • Family members may have their own individual PJF accounts, funded by you. Children’s accounts that don’t reach $5,000 pay a lower annual fee.
  • Balances on PJF accounts that have no designated second-generation donor advisor become part of NIF’s unrestricted endowment, ensuring a legacy into the future.
  • DAFs withbalances of $10,000 or more may make investment recommendations easily and online.

  • Due diligence by staff.
  • Dockets and recommendations of grantees or issue areas by expert grants staff.
  • Administration of the fund, including all accounting and record keeping.
  • Quarterly statements.
  • Access to the online donor portal 24/7 for fund balance, grant recommendations, and tracking.

  • 0.75% of assets or $100 (whichever is greater), calculated on average daily balances and withdrawn quarterly. Children’s Funds below $5,000 pay $36 annually.
  • Fees may be changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • For funds over $3,000,000, a tiered fee structure is provided.

  • Compliance with the laws of the State of Israel (if an Israeli organization) or the United States (if an American organization).
  • Alignment with the principles of the New Israel Fund and compliance with its policies and procedures.
  • Nonprofit status and evidence of good standing
    • Registration as a 501(c)(3) organization, or an amuta;
    • Publicly available bylaws;
    • Audited financial reports;
    • Confirmation of proper accounting procedures as required by tax authorities and possession of a certificate of tax-withholding at source for Israeli grantees.

If the above criteria are met, an organization is eligible to receive grants unless the organization:

  • Participates in partisan political activity.
  • Promotes anti-democratic values.
  • Supports the 1967 occupation and subsequent settlement activity.
  • Violates the human rights of any group or individual, advocates for human rights selectively for one group over another and/or rejects the principle of the universality of human rights.
  • Condones or promotes violence or uses violent tactics.
  • Employs racist or derogatory language or designations about any group based on their religion, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Works to deny the right of the Jewish people to sovereign self-determination within Israel or to deny the rights of Palestinian or other non-Jewish citizens to full equality within a democratic Israel.
  • Engages in activities at odds with the positions, principles, or vision of the New Israel Fund.
  • Participates in or promotes global BDS activities against Israel; however, support for organizations that lawfully discourage the purchase of goods or use of services from settlements is not prohibited.


photo of Joshua and Lisa GreerGiving through PJF fits my personal and my family’s needs. Its state-of-the-art system allows me to quickly recommend grants to charities, easily see online a full overview of where my charitable money has gone over time, and decide who I want to support, and when. I pay minimal management fees, of which a small percentage goes into the social justice and democracy-related causes I deeply care about.
— Joshua Greer and Lisa Greer, NIF Board Member and PJF DAF holder

Michael Bein and Jane Kahn (z"l)My late wife, Jane, was a civil rights lawyer and so am I. Together we were activists for civil rights in America and in other countries. That’s part of who we are as Jews and as Americans. Today, my giving through PJF meets both my wife’s values and my values. I know our PJF donations will work towards an ideal we can be proud of.
— PJF DAF holder Michael Bien


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