New Initiatives for Democracy

Israel was established to be both a Jewish homeland and a democracy. Yet, over the past decade, Israel has endured an assault on liberal democratic values and a growing defiance of democratic norms, endangering freedom of speech and conscience as well as minority rights. Overt racism, ultra-nationalism, and xenophobia are on the rise.

NIF seeks to promote a vision of Israel as a just, democratic and egalitarian society. To that end, NIF is now beginning a series of major investments as part of a bold effort to strengthen and expand the pro-democracy, progressive forces in Israel.

We’re calling this new set of programs NIF’s New Initiatives for Democracy (NIFD).

NIFD is designed to complement our existing work and create an ecosystem in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Please take a look at the new programs and projects we are funding, and know that even when some of our strategies change, our core programs, as well as our fundamental values, remain constant.

Your Support

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The Strategies

NIFD brings together several strategies to boost progressive forces in Israel and to expand the camp of Israelis speaking out for democratic values. Learn more about these efforts.

The NIF Ecosystem

NIF’s work promoting civil rights, religious freedom, and social justice will be supported by NIFD. See how it fits together.

New Israel Fund Announces New Initiatives for Democracy

Renewing Israel’s Commitment to Justice and Equality. Read the Press Release.