An Incredible Opportunity

11 January 2017
By: Molly Bernstein

I want your help to reach out and find good candidates for NIF’s fellowship program in Israel. This is an incredible opportunity. And I should know — I was an NIF fellow and my experience certainly impacted my life’s trajectory.

Ideal candidates are young Jewish activists who are passionate about social justice in Israel. Candidates must speak good Hebrew, and be able to live independently in Israel while receiving guidance and mentoring from Shatil staff.

Do you know any young activists who would fit the bill for this fellowship? If so, forward them / share this post. More information about the program is available here, and the deadline to apply is February 1, 2017.

Molly Bernstein

Throughout my fellowship (and today still) I worked at the Abraham Fund Initiatives, an organization that works towards equality and integration for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. This work allowed me to weave together my fluent Arabic with my activist thirst for civil rights and for a better Israel.

During my fellowship year I was also afforded the opportunity to visit other members of my cohort at their placements. After visiting my colleague, Sam Kuttner, at the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants I spent a day with him at the Holot Detention Center translating for Sudanese refugees who had recently arrived in Israel. Thanks to the fellowship, I was able to learn about this issue first hand, and expand my understanding of the challenges Israel faces in improving its democratic and Jewish character.

This program changed my life by giving me new tools as a professional and as an activist—all while shaping Israel into the state I yearn to support. I’d like to see others have the same opportunity.

Many thanks!