Colorado girl’s Kotel experience

23 October 2013

By Melinda Robin, October 2013

When I was 17, I came to Israel as part of Young Judaea Year Course…the only kid from Colorado. We boarded the bus at the airport, exhausted from the long flight. First stop, prior to arriving at our dorms and getting settled – the Kotel. Imagine the power – our first Israel experience was approaching the Kotel, touching, leaving prayers between the stones, feeling deeply that we were a part of a larger Jewish history. That was 1971. Today’s generation of young women – young women like my daughter – deserve the opportunity of this experience unmarred by religious or political overtones.

Melinda Robin: Grew up in BBYO and Young Judaea – Denver, Colorado. Young Judaea Year Course 1971-2. Kibbutz Ketura 1974-5. Revisit 1981. Life took me to Hawaii and to Montana where I have been practicing veterinary medicine for over 20 years. Haven’t been back to Israel in way too long but longing to go. Goal – take my husband and children….first stop…Kotel.


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