Pushing Back for Democracy

9 February 2023
New Israel Fund | Push Back for Democracy

With an ultra-nationalist, anti-democratic, ultra-orthodox, Jewish supremacist government in power in Israel, NIF is launching a campaign to push back for democracy. So much is at stake — Palestinians’ fundamental rights, the safety of the LGBTQ+ community, and the very foundations of Israeli democracy. We can’t afford to stay silent.

Activists on the ground also refuse to stay silent.  They are pushing back, and we are so proud to join them. 

This campaign is about standing alongside activists fighting for a better future and bringing new supporters into this crucial movement for democracy with us.


In the coming weeks and months, as part of this campaign, we’ll be bringing you updates from the streets and behind the scenes of Israel’s pro-democracy movement. We already had our first webinar earlier this week, featuring leaders from NIF grantees Omdim Beyachad-Naqef Ma’an (Standing Together) and Citizens’ HQ

In the coming two weeks, we’re hosting special editions of NIF Film Club to bring you films about the occupation that Israel’s new extremist Minister of Culture is trying to silence. 

As I often say, this work is not a sprint, it’s a relay race. And the people working day in and day out to protect human rights and defend democracy need us to have their backs. I know I’m standing with them. Will you join me?