NIF / Shatil Social Justice Fellowship – Goals and Expectations

The goals of the NIF/Shatil Social Justice Fellowship are to:

  • provide a meaningful Fellowship experience for highly qualified Fellows;
  • enhance the capacity of Israeli civil society organizations on the frontline of the fight for democracy; and
  • grow the New Israel Fund network of support in the US.

Fellows are expected to participate in program activities for the full 10 months duration of the fellowship program to remain in good standing. When fellows return from Israel, NIF may request fellows to make presentations on behalf of NIF/Shatil.

Over the course of the fellowship year, NIF/Shatil Social Justice fellows are expected to participate in periodic seminars and site visits. Developed in collaboration with activists and educators from Shatil and Solidarity of Nations – Achvat Amim, seminars will afford fellows the oppurtunity to encounter the NGOs working on the front lines of social change and with Palestinian and Israeli activists.The Social Justice Fellowship will equip fellows with an understanding of the assaults on Israeli democracy and of the grassroots movements fighting for a progressive alternative for Israel.

Seminars offer fellows an oppurtunity to forge relationships with leading Israeli and Palestinian social activists and learn how various human rights and social justice struggles intersect. Past fellows have met with Mizrahi activists fighting racism against their community. Fellows have met with Palestinians in the West Bank to hear directly about their experiences living under occupation and with Israeli human rights organizations working to end it. Over the course of the year, fellows will delve into diverse issues, like the struggle for the rights of African asylum seekers, for public housing and against gentrification. Site visits allow fellows to appreciate up-close complex and dynamic issues, such as inequities in East Jerusalem and unrecognized Bedouin villages.

Relationship with Social Change Organizations
Fellows will be placed within social change organizations in Israel as a means of strengthening the capacity of these social change organizations. Organizations rely on fellows for taking on roles that are important to their individual social justice missions. NIF expects fellows treat their responsibilities with seriousness and fulfill them in full, in accordance with the Fellowship outline and agreement, which they will sign upon commencement of the program in Israel.