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Adi Tufik, Director of Donor Relations, NIF Jerusalem

Adi Tufik┬áis the Director of Donor Relations in the New Israel Fund’s Development Department, in charge of managing NIF study tours and donor visits. Before joining the NIF, she worked at the Prime Minister’s Office, at the Monitoring Unit of the National Information Service. Adi was born, raised and lives in Jerusalem where she earned her BA in Art History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Tali Herskowitz, Director, Washington DC Region

[image - Tali Herskowitz]

Tali Herskowitz grew up in the South of Israel and was socially and politically active from a young age. Before joining NIF, Tali was a fellow at the NGO Working Group on Women Peace and Security, a Shatil Everett Fellow at ASSAF Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel, a Case Manager at Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Police Program in New York City, and a music teacher at LaGuardia Community College. She holds a BA in Mathematics and Gender Studies from Tel Aviv University and an MA in Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. In her free time, Tali is a yoga teacher and an avid cyclist.