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Jewish Donors Raise Unprecedented Funds for Humanitarian Aid to People in Gaza

8 May 2024

The New Israel Fund (NIF) has raised three quarters of a million dollars globally over the last month from more than 2,500 grassroots donors to help feed innocent people living in Gaza. Starting just before the holiday of Passover, thousands of donors from the United States, Israel, Canada, the U.K. and Germany gave in unprecedented numbers to NIF’s campaign.

This is the first time that NIF has raised, and distributed, this level of funding for programs outside of Israel.

NIF CEO Daniel Sokatch: “The power of these dollars is manifold. They will help feed the hungry on the ground in Gaza. And here in the U.S. they give expression to the values of the vast majority of American Jews, who believe that no one, in this world of abundance, should starve. We believe that all children—in Gaza, and in Tel Aviv—should be free. We believe compassion, not military might, is the only way Israelis and Palestinians can live together in peace.”

Associate Director of the New Israel Fund in Israel, Shira Ben-Sasson: “NIF’s campaign is not only good for Gazans and good for Israel, it represents the best of Jewish tradition. This food and these supplies are lifesaving for Gaza’s innocent civilians–especially mothers and children. Bringing food into Gaza also means some of it may reach the hostages, including some I deeply care for. People have died trying to provide this food, and now NIF is doing its part.”

Chief Development Officer for World Central Kitchen, Tunde Wackman: “We’re humbled and honored to be the recipient of such incredible generosity. From all of us at World Central Kitchen, thank you for enabling our work in Gaza. We resumed our operations on the ground recently and have already served over 2 million meals. We are determined to get as much food into Gaza as possible—whether by air, land, or sea—and NIF donors’ contributions will help with those efforts.”

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